About Me


My name is Courtney and I am the creative behind the words on this blog. I’m the person behind this screen who wanted to create a space for my words to flow in hopes to cultivating a community of humans who are learning to be vulnerable. To be brave. To uncomfortably grow past their inner limits. To talk about emotions. To feel. To heal and to rebel against societal norms. To give myself and all of you a space to BE FULLY YOU. To empower YOU to live your most Bravely Beautiful Life.


I’m an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon, and Pisces Rising. I am a free spirit, with a BIG heart filled with deep emotions. I am an ’empath’. I feel energy. And I am often off in another world day dreaming about Aliens and other life forms ✌🏼

I have spent the majority of my 20’s trying to #findmyself. Ive traveled to new places, lived in new countries, went to college, left home and carved out a path that many would consider to be the life of a wanderer.

My Enneagram number is 4 THE INDIVIDUALIST. And I am an ENFJ-A- PROTAGONIST ( for those wondering 🙋🏻).

My Human Design is Manifesting Generator (blog post to come on what these mean.)

I absolutley LOVE other cultures. Have a thing for accents.


IM OBSESSED with Astrology, the universe, and the connection to the spirit world. OH AND THE MOON.

I believe in Fate and not coincidences.

I belive that everything happens for a reason, and everything is a lesson.

some would say- Im into “the woo”

I LOVE exercising. Even lifting heavy weights. I LOVE yoga and feeling YIN AF.

I am incredibly passionate, which can sometimes come off as intense or “crazy”😬.

My LOVE LANGUAGEis ‘Words of Affirmation’ … no surprise there.

Fave Colour – Blue and Purple.

Favourite Movie – Wizard of Oz.

And I’m honestly not sure if I had to choose between being an owl or a dolphin which one I’d be…. such a hard choice.

I have had some MASSIVE transformations and rock bottoms in my life.

Essentially, I am a millennial out here just trying to find my way in the world. Trying to unlock the mysterys of the world. Uplevel to my highest potential. Consciously Dating in a world of bumble and tinder. All while staying TRUE to myself and my values. OH and of course, be able to afford the extra GUAC.

I’m learning life is crazy.
That life is a roller coaster.

I’m learning to lead with an open heart no matter how many times life makes me want to build walls from the ground up around my heart.

I believe that by being yourself FULLY, you invite others to do the same. That you become a leader by standing in your weirdness. Your beauty. Your vulnerabilty.

I believe this is what connects us all. And I’m here to do just that.

What makes you brave, makes you beautiful.’