you matter <3

it’s been a while since I have sat here and allowed words to pour from my chest.
it’s been a while since ……

trying to find the right words for all of those who will read this- feels tempting and also so hard and challenging.

today I remembered a time where someone I dated said, “you are really good with your words”. Now here I am. Allowing them to fall gracefully into this document and keyboard.

my heart breaks and aches for those around the world I cannot help. for those I cannot hold in my arms and say – trust me, it doesn’t feel like it now… but one day, one day it will be okay. I remember it’s not my job to fix how they feel. I remind myself it is my job instead to be the light in the dark tunnel.

so today, here in this moment- I am writing a letter ,words that I hope will be a light in someones dark tunnel.
I write words I wish I heard during the moments I felt sad and couldn’t get up off the floor.

perhaps this is why I feel so passionate about those who are suffering behind closed doors… maybe because it strikes a cord.

the days of being told I was a cry baby, fell way to often- and it’s now years later I realize that wasn’t my downfall but instead my superpower.

I see you in your darkness because I have been there too. I have walked around the darkest of rooms just trying to find the light switch and hoping someone would be there to help me escape a paid that I couldn’t anymore bare.

so today… today I write this letter to you. I write this as a woman who is and has made it through. I am at the end of the tunnel and I will stay here until you come through too, this I promise you.

listen to my voice and I will guide you through.. this is my letter to you

Dear You,

You matter.
In everyday there is someone out there that is thinking of a way you made them smile.
In everyday there is someone moving closer to you whom you have never met.
In everyday there is a blessing waiting for you just around the bend.

This world hans’t been fair to you and I know that.
I feel it too. The days spent staring at your four walls, or the times you felt like you couldn’t keep going on.
You my dear- aren’t not alone… not even at all.

I know there is an urge here to want to control.
I know there is an urge to just want to end it all.

You matter.

You have been handed experiences that have brought up feelings and emotions you probably weren’t taught how to deal with. Which in turn has meant finding parts of yourself fragemented and questioning all of who you are.

You are brave.
and yes… you matter.

This life isn’t panning out in the way you expected.
It feels unfair and like there are bumps and twists that have just been so unexpected.

You are right. It isn’t fair.
And you are entitled to feel however you want to feel.

Life can feel heavy sometimes- and you might be at the part where the backpack you are carrying is the heaviest. Your back is sore and you might feel like you are slowly falling apart. I know you currently can’t see it- but you aren’t falling apart, rather treking through your own story- becoming a character we only see in the movies.

You matter.

Every day you are here you live to tell another tale.
Every day you are here you move closer to someone you haven’t yet met- who is so excited to meet you in the flesh.
Every day you are here you help us make this world a better place.

Because, it’s simple – you matter.

My intention with this letter isn’t to make you feel like you need to put away your tears, the opposite really. I want you to cry. I want you to see the beauty in your heart. I want you to understand how your emotions are powerful. How they set you apart.

In this darkness you have a special light. It’s the torch this world needs.

With it- everything works together spectacularly.

We would miss you if you decided to go.
We would miss your warmth.
We would miss you here on earth.

Your emotions- they matter.
Your feelings- they matter.
You- you matter.

I hope you know that today if the waves are big and heavy, that tomorrow might be a different story.
I want you to know that you are learning to surf and my god- you are incredible… surfs up πŸ€™πŸ»

If today feels heavy- I see you. I understand being there too.
I want to remind you that you can be there for a while and it’s safe to do so.
I want you to know that when the darkness becomes to much, we will be here to help you up.

You matter.
You are loved.

Every minute you are here – the world feels better ❀
We need you to help us put this world back together.


I think it’s pretty clear what my stance is here. I have experienced depths and darkness like many others around the world. The way our society has previously dealt with mental health – is no longer acceptable. Emotions and feelings are hard, they are also the most beautiful and wonderful parts of us all. Darkness happens, but never should we feel we are in the tunnel alone. It’s time to speak up- to lend a hand a voice and SHARE your own personal journey. It’s time to be brave. To be vulnerable and help the world change. Just because you have deep emotions- doesn’t mean you are weak… it makes you human. and being human is brave. I see you. I hear you. I love you. Please reach out if you need ❀

Mental Health Resources:

CANADA : Β Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566 (24/7) or text 45645 (4 pm to 12 am ET).
Call 1-855-242-3310 (toll-free) or connect to theΒ online Hope for Wellness chat.
Β 1-800-668-6868 (toll-free) or text CONNECT to 686868. (kids help phone

USA: Β 1-800-273-TALKΒ (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center, orΒ text MHA to 741741Β at the Crisis Text Line.


** i am not a liscensed therapist or counsellor – i speak from my own expeirences and am here to offer light in the darkness and a hand to support you through. – please feel free to follow me @bravelybeautifulbrand for inspirational words and posts if that calls to you. I also offer 1:1 services that act as a sister on your journey if you are feeling that call. Please do not hestiate to reach out.

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