it’s been a year….

it’s currently 9:30 at night on March 11th 2021.

I haven’t written on here in what feels like so long. Life has been busy, picking up speed and I haven’t felt myself feeling as inspired to write, instead I have been focusing my attention on other things.

But tonight, I got the urge.

Not to write about all the topics that could educate you on the energy of the world, or how the astrology is lining up moving forward. But instead I feel inspired to write something straight from the heart, just like how I use to write when I started this blog.

It’s super interesting to look back and reflect. I feel like there are moments in this last year that we really truly should honour. Although it was hard, challenging and rippled through the world in painful ways- there is so much to be said about the fact that we are here. That we are standing here today.

Today I weeped in Gratitude.
Today I allowed the thoughts, memories and stories to flood through me.

I looked around and said “thank- you” to my home for holding me along this journey.

The healing that was done here.
The returning home to myself….. it’s something I fought for so long, like many of us. Yet we were forced to go within.
We were forced to come home. To go within.

Many of us waited for the moment of relief. To have some form of an answer to give us the freedom we knew so deeply.
While others of us got curious and pondered who’s definition of freedom we were actually living.

It’s been a year.

A year of loss.
A year of death and rebirth.
A year of change.
A year of uncertainty.
A year of trauma and anxiety.

Somewhere in all of this we found our soulmates. We found others who we’re dancing along a similar journey. We connected to family near and far by looking through glass screens and 6ft apart.Teaching us the depth of what it means to have energetic connection.

The world may never be the same ever again. And to that I say with full compassion- wonderful. amazing.
Because I truly believe… it’s time to start again.

There are no coincidence’s, and if you are reading this today…. I can guarantee you knew exactly where you were this time last year on this exact day.

We have all changed.
You have changed.
You are a human being who will never be the same.

That my dear, is a good thing.

You have become someone little you would be so proud of.
You have climbed mountains, acquired bruises, fallen down more times than you can count.

You got back up and you made it work somehow.

So, it’s been a year… what now?

Well, if you are reading this today. On March 12th or the 13th- let this sink in….

In a year everything changed. And you get to decide how you want to utilize all this new information.

It’s time ti discover what all of this was for.

It’s been a year…. and it’s time to step forward out of the dark.

Your cocoon got you this far, now it’s time to fly like you have never flown before.

It’s time.
You are ready to soar.


This is my last blog here for a while, maybe ever. I wanted to write something to really close the chapter.
Bravely Beautiful is like my baby. Something I have been growing for 2 years now and ultimately as I grow, so does she.
We are moving from blog to business… which is incredible and crazy. A whole new site, and world will be live in a few weeks. Until then I wanted to say, THANK YOU for being here for this journey. You mean so much to me!

xo courtney




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