A New Age Cycle Begins… Aquarius New Moon

February 11th, 2021 we are met with the New Moon in Aquarius. This New Moon is here to usher in beginnings that SCREAM (softly) a beginning in which marks the dawn of a new age.

No, not everyone is ready for this. But- they are going to have to be.

Before I move on I want to take a second for you. I want you to stop and think back to all the learning and “pivoting” you have done when it comes to technology. I encourage you to remember before to now. What have you accomplished? What have you learned? What has it been like?

I use this example for a few reasons, but one is that Aqaurius rules technology. And to be honest, this is only the beginning. New apps, new tech, new ways of living will be invented. Yes- we will see a rise in innovation and tech based programming embedded in our systems. Why do you think coding is now being taught to kids? Why do you think they seem to be born with a better understanding of these things than we did?

One word- evolution.

Aquarius is here to innovate and bring forth a higher state of consciousness. (Stay with me- I know this is a bit out there for some). Aquarius is here to raise the vibration and take the people of the planet to the next phase of life this world requires to keep going. Living in a time such as now, has meant a breakdown of the old world in preparation to build the new. A constant change and upheaval to create space in our own psyche and the worlds. We have been being upgraded in order to be able to conceptualize this framework.

This New Moon is the start of a brand new cycle. One rooted in the collective, the communities that make up this world. It is about global change. It is about fighting for your part that you play.

Every single human here on right now is a piece of this pie. A piece of this puzzle that is required for this adjustments taking place.

Aquarius rules the collective, and community. Aquarius wants to be it’s full self no matter how weird or different they may seem. They have a unique ability to see things others cannot quite see. It’s through a completely different lens- and the world is ready and NEEDS this.

This means that under this New Moon when the sky is it’s darkest and asks us to turn inward…. you will be faced with things that are asking you to embrace your wholeness. YOUR parts of you that make you FULLY YOU.

Why? Well because unlike what we have been taught- we are actually here to FULLY be who we are. We aren’t meant to “fit in”- like what does that even mean?

We are here to be ourselves, find our people who speak the same and then teach others our frame of mind by ROLE MODELLING who we are here to be in this life time.

A New Moon asks use to turn inside. To set a new intention that creates a path for a cycle to begin. It is magical. It is beautiful. It is an important piece to the pie.

So, who are you?
Who do you really at your core know yourself to be?

Under this New Moon here are a few questions to explore:

  • Who do I want to be?
  • What would I do if options and opportunities were limitless?
  • How would I make money by being simply myself?
  • What is my biggest dream? Why haven’t I done it yet?
  • What am I afraid of being seen for?
  • What social cause am I passionate about and WHY? **ps this is your key to the next few years and what to be setting intentions to this new moon**
  • What if it all worked out? What would that look like for me?
  • Who am I here to be of service to? What type of community?

I really want everyone to remember this take away- YOU are someone who has a passion, a dream, many goals and YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED to achieve them. You just need to do a few things.

A) Vocalize
B) State it- what you want
C) Remember this isn’t just about YOU, it’s about serving the collective with the gifts you were given

NOW- go.

Under this New Moon I encourage you and empower you to really believe in yourself. To allow yourself to be exactly as you are. The weird, the different and dig deep below the surface. DO NOT LET OTHERS rain on your parade. You have exactly what it takes.

You will be tested- but Aquarius, they are strong. They are innovative and they make things happen because they think outside the box. OUT OF THE TYPICAL SPECTRUM.

Be free. Choose freedom.
Fight for your dreams.
Fight for your community.

Get going.

There is no more time to waste ❤



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