FROM THE VAULT:being exactly who you are…(written January 9th 2021)

It’s been a while since I have just up and grabbed my computer and allowed words to pour from my soul without any type of agenda, just simply letting my fingers type with flow.

When I started blogging I just wrote. I had big emotions that needed to come out and the thing that I kept feeling drawn to was creating a blog- this is when Bravely Beautiful was born….. it’s currently 9:54 pm on Saturday, January 9th 2021- I felt the call.

A call that I know not everyone fully understands but I will try and describe it the best way I can.

It feels like a heaviness begins in my chest, my voice gets quiet and I hold back the tears. It’s a feeling in my belly that calls me to write, a way to express what I am feeling verses holding it in instead.

Writing was and is my therapy. It wasn’t even intended to be read by so many. It wasn’t ever intended to grow into a business or anything really. Yet somehow this idea that was born two years ago gave me something more than I could have ever hopped for.


I never intended to write words out and pour out the feelings in my heart and soul to feel safe, seen and heard by strangers. That wasn’t ever a thought that crossed my mind. However, I will say that this is one of the greatest gifts for me in this lifetime.

And today I would like to tell you why…

Let’s start with this…. Human beings are wired for connection, they work well in teams, in tribes and have for centuries and lifetimes. This is our history and there isn’t any doubts about that.

Human beings have also for years been told how to be, they have been shaped into people who are working members of society.

Humans have been taught not to question the crowd, because if you do- if you dare, that’s it you are out.

Lemmmeee just say something real quick- this blog isn’t about me smashing society I promise. I know sometimes my need for wanting to change the world can be like that sometimes – but this aint it, it’s just for a point. Keep reading πŸ™ƒ

I find it so interesting that at the core of all humans their deepest desires is just to belong. To be wanted. To be seen, to be heard as exactly as they are. Yet, the way we fit in and end up belonging is often due to being someone we’re not. I know right- humans are weird.

Why am I sharing this.. full transparency?

I am on my last month as a 29 year old and through months of self reflection- heck years, I have realized how many times I have abandoned myself just to fit in. How many times I tried on different masks, or how many times I thought before I spoke just to be sure I would fit in.

This my friends, is the definition of loneliness.

Tonight I was reminded of this feeling and what a humbling experience that not everyone will love me, not everyone will fully accept me for who I am. It’s sad that this is the reality of what seems to be the world we live in.

As much as it hurts my heart, I know I can’t shut down even though every part of me wants to. In these moments I want to cry and shut it all down. But that would yet again be me abandoning myself.

I speak my feelings, I talking about the things I love because it’s important to me. I speak vulnerabilities because I believe it’s what the people of the world need.

The world needs real humans, sharing real stories. Sharing in connection and allowing space for depth and transformation. This means accepting those where they are, allowing people, humans to be as they are without judgement- and without needing to believe in the same things they do.

Humans crave belonging- being seen and heard for who they are at their core.

What if everyone belonged? What if we didn’t leave people out? What if we didn’t make other people feel back for speaking their truth?

When all we want is to belong, why are we constantly pushing others out?

At 29 years old I have a deep desire to belong. Just like many other people here on planet Earth.


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