Leo Full Moon – Radical Acceptance

As we approach this moon in Leo as I write this, I feel creativity coming back and coursing through my bones. Wanting it to be released into the world.  A love and generosity pulling at my heart strings. Things looking and feeling more optimistically. 

While there are many other factors that are causing a stirring of different energy in the sky, this Leo energy is a beautiful reminder of what has always been inside. 

We as humans come to earth with souls on a mission. We have innate gifts, and creative things about each and everyone of us which is unique. 

Leo is within us all- somewhere in our charts we have this energy inside our soul. 

A desire to be seen and heard for exactly who we are. 

Leo is the inner child that wants to play, create and explore through things that are tied closely to the heart. 

So what if we listened to the beat inside of us and decided to follow it? What would that feel like? How would we see the world differently? 

Leo encourages us to be these things. To see through the lens of love. To see through the eyes of courage, bravery and all things heart. 

For the greatest expression of creativity truly is what’s inside our hearts. 

So why not show it? 

Why not share it? 

Why not be bold in the face of all things you love? 

As children we are taught to dream and believe. To believe in the miracles that happen every single day. And so we did, we chose to believe – because in our hearts we let ourselves believe. There were no programs shooting down our hopes and dreams…. where did that go? Where is that same belief? 

It’s time to allow your heart to speak. 

For your heart wants it’s time on stage. 

Leo is bold and courageous and wants to express the emotional world inside. Wether it be through art, words, or gifts and generosity. 

Leo one of our finest leaders of the zodiac signs. Leading the way bravely through a world that we’ve been told to behave and stand in line.

Not this time.

Not with a Full Moon in Leo. This is about radically accepting thyself for what it wishes. For what one wants for their life. For how they wish to be seen. 

This Full Moon is one of potent manifesting and lifestyle connected purely to the heart strings.

Been feeling emotional lately? Well of course, the heart needs room to feel the space of the powerful intentions that are coming to you from this day forward. There is no more room for doubt in your soul. No more room for fighting the power you have within. This is a time that is for you. This is your life. This is your dream. This full moon is for you.

This Leo Full Moon is encouraging you to be BRAVE. To be BOLD. To ask for whatever the F you want. It’s time to go after what is already yours. 

Choose yourself.

Let the world see it. 

For a moon in Leo inspires you to use your voice and speak from the heart. While the sun in Aquarius says – it’s time to fully be and accept yourself.

full stop. 

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