a year we will never forget….

How do I even begin this blog…. my eyes are swelling and a smile is running across my face. A year we will never forget. We will quite literally be in history books, and our generations to come with learn about us for years to come.

What a plot twist that was…..

I could go a thousand different ways with this blog but I think I want to write you a little letter. You can save this and reflect on it- share it with your friends, and remember that impact of this year and the ways you have grown.

This is my letter to you:
RE: a year you’ll never forget.

Dear You,

You did it.

You moved mountains this year. You climbed to places you didn’t know you could, and you gained muscles in the process. You proved your strength and resilience like never before. You did it.

This wasn’t easy. There was so much asked of you. There were changes that had to take place that you didn’t have control of.

You danced with uncertainty and had to surrender in more ways that you maybe ever had to before.

You let go, and let go some more and when the pain in that process took over- you still stood tall. You were a shoulder to cry on, and your cried on shoulders when you needed to too. You broke open and learned to ride the waves of change.

You watched a world change before your eyes.

You stood in grocery lines where people panic bought things like toilet paper and baked beans flew off the shelves.

You made crafts, you explored the world of the inter web.

You proved how resilient humans are and can be, you did this without an instruction map.

Your eyes opened wide to the injustice and inequality of the world. You saw things you will never be able to forget and for that you have been given a responsibility to change the world by educating yourself.

You watched as politicians took their stand and witnessed the first ever BIPOC women Vice President was elected.

You made dances and laughed on apps. You had dinner parties via zoom, you learned to adapt to a new way of connection.

You did it.

You see here is the thing. Often times when we are asked to change and do so quickly- there is a point in which you just do, you go and you keep pushing through. And then you become tired, you become restless and you ride the wave of emotional disrupt. This is normal because you are a human, and when those waves arrive you feel them, you grieve through them. Because the fact is you did the impossible, and showed the beauty of this world during a time of darkness.

Your laugh, your smile with your eyes, your cheering around the world.

You, you beautiful human- you made it through the end of the world.

The end of a world our children will never know. The end of the world the children now will remember for lifetimes. The end of a world where we not only got to be part of, but also got to change.

You did it.

And although there is still a ton of work to do- together we have proven we can do this.

We are still learning that we can be different and still love in the ways we do.
We are still learning how to walk in the world.

But please don’t forget when you walk out your door and you awake first thing in the morning how lucky you are. How you did this, you got here… you accomplished a goal you didn’t see coming a year ago.

So when you walk out your door and you see someone you don’t know, smile- even just with your eyes. Say hello. Feel what they feel, and remember that even if you don’t see the same thing- you did this, you got through this together.

This was an Everest climb, and you- you did it.

We all did.

Cheers. Cheers to an ending that we will never forget. Will always remember. Will allow it to leave and cherish whatever lessons that came in-between.

You did it.

PEACE OUT 2020 ✌🏼✌🏽✌🏿




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