the finale… cancer full moon

what. a. year.

How do we even begin to compartmentalize this ride of a year we have all been on?
How do we even begin to understand….

This is the last moon cycle of the year.
This is the finale.
The final round.

This moon greets us at her fullest in the sign of Cancer, one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, one of the most intuitive. One that feels as deep as the ocean. Cancer is a water sign and craves comfort and safety. It wants to feel safe to feel. Safe in its shell where it can be vulnerable.

This year instead of feeling safe, we were shook.

Many of us forced into normalizing the discomfort we were/ are feeling and many times over.

So what significance does this have on being the final full moon of the year?

Full Moon’s are culmination points, where everything comes to a head. Emotions tend to run high and they tend to want to be released. This full moon wants us to do just that. It wants us to go slow, to sit in our tenderness. It wants us to feel what we haven’t had time to feel leading up to now.

Full Moons are endings. 2020 is ending.

But before it does, before we can keep on keeping on with the good fight… it’s time to stop.
It’s time to take a deep collective breath and take all of this in. Let it be for this final moment before pushing forward that we all sit in silence and remember. That we allow ourselves to feel. That we remember where we were this time last year.

Let this finale full moon be your graduation day, moving day, and homecoming -all in one.

This year pushed you, all of us out of our comfort zones. We felt emotions that we didn’t even know we had. We were separated and we grieved. We saw the unthinkable and for that our eyes are wide, even wider than they were before.

With such immense change it’s imperative to take a minute. To quiet our thoughts and let our heart talk.

To hold ourselves through the last days of this year with grace and ease.
To allow the final surrender to take place.
To release the grip.

It’s time to begin a new story.

During the Cancer full moon spend time nurturing yourself and making your home a sanctuary. You have spent so much time there this year, you have spent so much time with YOU this year. How have you come home to yourself?

As you process your depth, you will also begin to clear and make space for new doors to appear. Let them open, let this all work out. Let yourself be happy now.

It’s okay to believe in the good, especially after the storm.
I know you feel like it’s impossible after so much up and down. It’s safe to allow change to come in and sweep you off your feet.

Feel everything that is coming up. You have been on a journey that you couldn’t have possibly been ready for and look. You did it.

This is the finale.

Grab the tissues.
Run a bath.
Grab some wine.
Hand on your heart.

It’s the end of 2020… this is the finale.
If you are reading this- you did it.

10/10 recommend this song for the finale of this night



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