The ACTUAL Pheonix Rising….

It’s been a wild ride….

The amount of growth, relocation, mystery, wonder and uncertentity has been off the charts. Yet somehow, someway we are here.

I want to start off this blog with a little something one of my friends, teammates, and coach shared with us in our meeting last week.

She shared with us this idea of how rare it actually is, how small of a chance it is that we are alive, incarnated right now in this time. She shared the states that back this up… something along the lines of 1 in 400 TRILLION. Yes- Trillion.

We are all here right now, in this moment of time in history for a reason. A big reason. And what I would like to tie into that is that no amount of fear can take away your piece of the puzzle. It can’t anymore.

The world has been in change since the day we woke up on January 1st 2020. Even before that. During 2019 many of us started to feel the effects of what was coming down the pipeline and didn’t quite have the words for it.

HSP’s and Empaths, psychic’s, mediums and astrologers all had an idea. The ground under us was shaking and we could feel like pot boiling. (seriously, go look back at my blogs if you don’t believe me I was feeling something BIG coming.)

We have been in this whole dance with the stars and the planets. Many lessons have been fed to us making us go backward over old land and territory we turned our eyes too long ago. The crumbling of the towers and the change of the rules made us all become outraged for what the world was showing us.

Unfortunately- things have to sometimes completely break down in order to be rebuilt. Sometimes they cannot be fully rebuilt. Sometimes you need to start all over again. And rebuild from ground 0 once again.

Easy- wouldn’t say easy is that way to describe it. You see taking a pill and hoping you’re better, that is easy. But work like this- is far from easy.

It takes courage, grit, determination and strength. Strength in a way not known to man kind. Its the kind of strength that comes from humanity and emotional empowerment and understanding. It’s the kinda that actually (insert swear word) changes things.

Those who do not want change, do not look.
They call those who do a little bit nuts.
They are scared for the change they may endure when the world is restored.

This moon, this week – things will never be quite the same. We are not moving into the acceptance phase. We move here so we can rebuild. So we can start over again and live in a world more aligned to the unique path we came here to create.

This New Moon in Scorpio is the Phoenix Rising... finally. It my friends is finally time.

This moon isn’t waiting for anybody. You have to be prepped, set and ready. Mars is about to go direct. The Moon in Scorpio is about to take us on a journey we never planned out. Mystery and secrets revealed. A path you’ve never explored – it just pops out. You take it. It is here. This is your destiny of the life you came here to live. In a way you never imagined. THIS IS THE MOON OF STRAIGHT UP MAGIC.

Turn away? Turn away? Why would you even think of turning it away?

Fear… Fear is the things keeping you from blooming. In fact what it is doing is keeping you in suffering.

Let it go.
Let it burn.
Pack your bags…. it’s time for you to finally f*cking soar.



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