moving forward………

b r e a t h e.... take in this moment. Doesn’t it feel different?
We have all been experiencing energy that I heavy, that is dense- that feels like we’ve been carrying around 1000 pound weights on our back. But in this moment I ask you to take a moment for yourself… a moment so that you can b r e a t h e. To look around at where you are (even if it’s different from where you thought you’d be)…. but to look around and take it all in. YOU ARE HERE, right now. In this moment. You are here.

This year has handed people lessons and roller coaster tickets to rides they didn’t want to get on. Yet- we got on them, some kicking and screaming- but we did it. We are doing it.

And with the ever so changing energetic waves of life and intensity of dips and drops in the pit of our stomach, somehow we are here right now- let that sink in.

You see, I am no stranger to darkness. My moon sign is in Scorpio- you could say I crave the emotional depths of life, sometimes to much that that is where I like to stay. The darkness became a comfort home to me… it has many times in my life. But there comes a time where moving away from the darkness becomes the bravest moment of all. It becomes the bravest because you choose to step into a space of healing, healing can be the most intimiadting part of it all. Yet, it is a vital part of the process in which we live here on earth. Healing is essentailly the rebirth, the rebuild after the dark.

Darkness is beautiful. It shows us our cracks. Where we bleed and where we see ourselves as weak. The darkness is where the light gets in. You simply cannot have one without the other- it doesn’t work like that. But my oh my, we try and escape it- don’t we?

So where does this leave us now…..

Well 2020 has handed you, me- all of us really. A dark cloud, opportunity for growth and it’s been hard, heartbreaking for some. When things get ripped away we watch ourselves hurt in ways we can’t imagine we ever would. This is hard. More than hard. So we try and control it by holding on vs letting it go gracefully. Letting go doesn’t come easy to many of us folks. Which is where the discomfort comes in. Today I wanted to write this blog to shed a light on the darkness, and hopefully plant some seeds of hope.

If you’re reading this right now, I want to thank you first of all for choosing this over many of the other sources of information you could be reading or taking in at the moment- that means a lot. Second, because you are opening your mind by reading something “different”, something not media related. Something that maybe challenges your own beliefs and the systems you have operated from for many years. To me that’s brave because it’s like opening a can of worms to a whole new world you were never taught before…. that my friends takes guts. Opening your mind in our world today takes a lot of guts. Which you have. I know that because you are reading this.

By no means are we out of the woods with the strange life we are all living in….. I am not trying to give false hope or say things will go back to “normal” because they wont. I also encourage you to look within at WHY you are wanting things to return to normal so bad. If this is something you hear yourself saying – I am curious why?

This blog is all about ‘moving forward‘……. because it’s time.

It’s time we begin to lean into absolutely everything we have learned. It’s time we start to adjust to a world that is quite unknown and begin to lead from a place of love vs fear. It’s a time to not only embrace a new beginning that we all have in store- but to also acknowledge yourself for all you’ve been through to get here. The darkness can be comforting for a while, but it’s time we move forward. It’s time we start to slowly make our way out of the struggle, out of the sorrow and decide to take the power we do have back.

Everything is a choice– a hard pill to swallow (trust me I know).

We get to decide to stay in the dark- and sometimes if that’s where you need to be for a while longer, that’s okay. But we need to realize we need to start moving toward the light at the end of the tunnel- ESPECIALLY when you can’t see it. You must trust it’s there.

Walking a path you’ve never walked before, one where you cannot see the path clearly- means you are on the right path. It means FINALLY you are building something new, something that’s never been built before. FINALLY choosing a road less travelled…. this is how we move forward.

There’s this quote that says “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result.” (I’m not sure who that’s by- BUT) It’s so relevant for the times we are living in.

We have tried and exhausted ALL THE OLD WAYS…. it’s time we lay them to rest and start building a new world. New ways that haven’t been thought of before.


You can still grieve while moving forward.
You can still wish it was the old way.
You can reminisce.
You can do whatever you need.

There are no rules for this…. expect following the GPS that resides within.

This week we have Mars going direct, Mercury direct and retracing a few of its steps. This means our inner planets will be direct by the end of November. We truly are moving towards a new beginning. Things are going to start to pick up their pace. Motivation will begin to return, perhaps even emotions that felt heavy will first need to be released in order to move forward. THIS IS NORMAL.

We just saw a major shift in our world happen on November 7th 2020. This is a day in history we will never forget- just another part of 2020 I guess.

This is a perfect representation of how their are other ways to live. Other ways to operate. No, they are’t perfect but they are the best next step to changing the world and trusting a path forward that we cannot fully see. YES- it’s VERY DIFFERENT from history and the past…. but you are being asked to believe in more than facts and logic. You are being asked to use feelings and emotions to guide you forward. Question everything- but never your inner feelings. And remember when you are making decisions on which step to take next, ask yourself “is this a choice from my fear? Or is this a choice of Love?” Tune into your heart…..

This is the dawning of a new age… one you’ve experienced before in a different life.
It’s been a while since you allowed yourself to experience joy…. let yourself.

It get’s to be good….

One foot in front of the other.
We are moving forward.

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