the full moon of the year….

Okay, I exaggerated a bit on calling this the ‘Full Moon of the Year’…. BUT it is a big one and you should prepare yourself. Which is why I am so glad you are here!

If you have read my previous blogs in the area of Astrology and moon magic, you will have already read the immense power that the moon holds… and in my eyes the Full Moon is 100% more powerful than other this time around.

For starters this is the second Full Moon in the month, which actually makes it a Blue Moon. ie.”Once in a Blue Moon”. (these statements were not made up out of no where.)

This moon falls in Halloween and also Samhain. Both events have a spooky feel to them in in some ways honour the darkness that exists in our world and other realms. However, Samhain is such a beautiful representation of being able to honour that in which we are leaving behind. Honouring the dead and trusting in rebirth.

More than ever we are seeing a rise in humans around the world collectively raising their awareness and consciousness. This has been seen through the eyes of many spiritual teachers, healers, light workers, mediums- you name it. We are seeing it.

We are seeing it- because we went through this too. We went through the darkness and dove into (still do) the dark parts of lour souls to all in one be revived and able to live a life to help others heal too.

We have gone through a massive trauma. (Yes- I am aware I am diverting from the Full Moon, just hang on a sec πŸ™ƒ) This Trauma we have experienced has forced us into seeing things we will never unseen again. That is what trauma does. Big T, Little T… it doesn’t matter. When we go through big life changes that are scary and dark- we as humans want answers and we look to others to help us through them. This is why so many healers have been rising. This is why you are starting to see more people owning and using their gifts that long ago in years past they were shunned for. This is why you are seeing an awakening like you have never seen before. This isn’t a coincidence… it is all happening for a reason.

This Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus. A grounded sign made of loving and decadent earth. It is slow moving and likes to stop and smell the roses and eat the berries a long the way. Likes to be at home having fun and enjoying the simple things in life, like a beautiful glass of rose and chocolate cake. This is our second Full moon of the month- it will not feel like a normal Full Moon in Taurus.

Luckily, we do have this energy to work with. We will feel a bit more grounded even during a sweep of crazy change. This is a good thing.

Taurus is fixed energy, which tends to mean that they are stubborn and resist change. This moon may be harder for some (all fixed signs included).

Intuitively I am picking up that we are going to experience a change in our lives that comes as a surprise or shock. Some good and some harder than others, but it is almost like a catapult into your new life.

We have this final Full Moon of a MAJOR CYCLE that also smack dab in the middle of Scorpio Season– may I add. This energy is asking us to let go. And like really let go. Let go of all the old ways in which you have opperated and how you have previously lived your life. This is a chance to let go of the old values that no longer work, that you no longer want to move forward with in your life. This is the great change. The final goodbye before being flung into the direction of your new life.

The most important message that keeps coming through is to sift through the darkness, get back up and try again. Do not stop and keep going. Just keep going on your aligned path. Baby steps are about to show you how they made a massive life changing impact.

Things are starting to change direction and move faster again. Hold on. Keep going.
DO NOT GIVE UP. This is just the beginning.

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