to the ones that are ‘different’…

This is an open letter to all of those who would consider themselves to live a little differently. To those who think a little differently. To those who feel like they have outgrown boxes quicker than most or never found the “right” box to fit in.

This is a letter for those in this world who choose to live a life that isn’t the same as the crowd. The ones who brave the world and pave their own path down a road that seems clouded to everyone else.

This is a letter to you. To those ones. The brave ones.

Dear you,

You have been dancing around this world with your own agenda probably questioning the motives of others. The word ‘Why’ dances in your head more often than not and you always feel like you aren’t quite the same as the flock.

When you came here you were given gifts of wonder, of curiosity and they were different than the rest. Heres a little hint though- so was everyone else, they just don’t know how to use them yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maybe you were born with a strong sense of determination, or maybe you went through massive upheavals of trials and tribulations. Perhaps you attempted to fully be yourself and then were made fun of because you stood out.

Whatever the case something inside of you felt a desire to be heard, to be seen, to be different and here you are now wondering if you will ever truly feel free.

I am here today to tell you yes, yes you will because being different- being “weird” is the freeest you will ever feel. You may be different from the rest and what if I told you that was okay. What if I told you the more you followed that the more you will feel free?

The ones in this world who dare to lead differently are the ones who change the world. They change it because they make people think differently. Because they challenge the norms of our outdated society. When someone does things in a new and or “different” way it instantly challenges what others believe, and how they were raised. This poses an issue for their environment- suddenly they do not feel safe. What they feel is triggered. And who wants to be triggered and or uncomfortable? What I am really saying here is by being “different”, you encourage others to grow.

Growing isn’t easy. I mean you probably know that the most. You have walked around in a world that wanted you to stay the same. To follow the crowd and to be a sheep and settle down.

Your growth has been and always will be the biggest catalyst for not only you, but this entire planet.

Those who dare to live life in a new way, one that isn’t the norm of what society thinks- they are the ones who have the ability to grow, to be resilient, and flexible. They are the ones who seem to go through the most battles. The most upsets. The most pivotal moments of transformational growth.

They break and they fall, and they always get back up.

This is you – if you’re reading this. I can bet this is a message for you.

You are different. You have ideas and creativity that sets you apart from others. This my dear is the most beautiful thing about you…. but you must promise to use it. Not repress it.

There is a lot of noise out there. There are people who will try and quite you. Who will tell you that you are wrong and try and shame you. You must know that your difference is beautiful and that triggers them. That you standing in your power threatens them. You must be you not matter what you do. Because at the end of the day- this is your life and you my dear, you get to choose. Not them, you.

So to the ones who dare to be different.
Who decide to lead a path or road less traveled.
To the explorers. To the curious ones. To the ones not afraid to loose sight of the shore.

We need you.
This world needs you.
You have a magic inside of you this world needs

Perhaps you need it most, or maybe it’s the ones who have nothing nice to say… maybe they are the ones who need your magic. Maybe by you being different gives them permission to be different too. Maybe your magic will inspire them to be authentically themselves.

You are brave.
You are courageous.
You are magic.

Keep going my love, you got this.

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