scorpio season…transformation 101

Scorpio Season… can you believe that we are yet again in another month ALMOST at the end of the year? It feels like this year has been a washing machine of slow cycle and then fast and rinse and repeat. OUFF is what I have to say about that.

But on to why you clicked on this blog post.

Welcome to Scorpio Season. This is the time of year where we are met with the the shadows, the fears, the darkness, the parts of ourselves we don’t give much light to throughout the rest of the year. Why you might ask? Well, in short- it is VERY uncomfortable and confronting. To have four weeks out of the year where literally everything in the depths of your emotional being and psyche come up for reveiew… ya, it’s a lot.

We will feel this on an individual level as well as a global level. It can feel heavy and tiring… but what I will say is that THIS is the final push. This season is bringing it all up in order to rise like that Phoenix from the ashes. In order to aid in your transformation. LITERALLY- the universe and your guides are basically screaming at you “COMMON”.
(If you have ever run a race before- you know this feeling. You feel like you can’t possibly go anymore and there is one more hill just staring at you straight in the face- and you wanna swear and run away. DON’T DO THAT. You’ve come this far. Keep going.)

Let’s break this down so you can digest WTF I am about to tell you:

Scorpio Season: October 21st-November 20th. These weeks we will have the opportunity to work with Scorpio Energy. This includes emotional depth, emotional purging, psychic or intuitive ways of communicating, letting go, building. Money, debts, karma clearing. Sex.Cycles are ending. *good news- you are use to this energy THANK YOU 2020* πŸ˜…


We have Scorpio Season while we also have Mercury Rx in Scorpio…. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΌ SICK BRO.
No, I am only kidding… this isn’t something to fear HOWEVER it does say “HEY THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER”. This energy is an invitation to look at all you have been letting go of, while also asking you to really let go and end whatever you have been gripping on to for dear life and let it “die” already.

With all this Scorpionic energy we are really being asked to look within ourselves and look at how our emotional inner world is impacting our outer world. We are being asked to look at the ways in which we operate from our subconscious and make it conscious. AKA what needs to come out from under the rug so you can clean it and throw it away. This is the way we end cycles, we need to look- then see- then release and make space for new to form.

THEMES that we may feel/see/hear:

-Subconscious Reprogramming
-Shadow Work
-Mental Health
-More Vulnerability and sharing
-Rise of even more Entrepreneurs
-Healers stepping forward
-Money (THIS could go either way. Lack/Scarcity or Abundance Mindset)
-Trauma Work
-Rise (even more) of the Divine Femme.
-Craving more human to human connection DEEP LAYER.

These are a few themes I am feeling might surface during this time. It is important to remember that there are so many places that offer support to those who are being called to doing the inner work. This could look traditional or not. Finding a therapist or a healer is very important if you are feeling the motions of the darker energy this time can bring.

What I want you to remember about this time is the phrase, “Beautifully Intense”. I was actually called this once- and no it didn’t upset me. It made me feel powerful. It made me feel like an empowered woman who could litterally rise from any challenge that came my way.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto- which makes this energy very intense. With intensity comes passion. A determination and the ability to rise every single time no matter what is thrown your way. Scorpio shows you your resiliency. Scorpio shows you where you can channel your own intensity and build the dreams you want for your life.

No one ever said it will be easy, but you can bet that when you rise from this… you will be a different evolution of who you already are. You can bet you will survive AND you will transform.

MESSAGES FROM THIS SEASON: You got this. Keep going

Some places where you can find support if you are looking at how to work with this energy if you find anything come up, visit one of the links below and see if any resonate. You are never alone and you are more supported than you know.

SCORPIO WORKBOOK: Bravely Beautiful Etsy Store
DM ME if you are looking for support: @bravelybeautifulblog

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