NEW MOON IN LIBRA… anything but ordinary

Another Moon in the sky gracing us with her presence. I guess technically this time around more so NOT gracing us with her presence. (eek bad moon joke? 🙃)

Here is a little breakdown of what a ‘New Moon’ is : A new moon is the part of the moons cycle where we do not see the moon in the sky. It is when the sky is dark. The sun and the moon are aligned making the moon invisible to see here on Earth. Energetically this means that the tides are often at their lowest. It means we as humans normally experience lower energy. We go inward. We are in our yin phase.

However, I want to say that this New Moon doesn’t FEEL like a typical, normal moon phase. It is feeling quite similar to that of a Full Moon. A Full Moon is powerful and illuminates the sky and our energy field. It wants us to let go. But New Moons- they want us to plant seeds of new beginnings. They want us to manifest and start new projects.

This phase…… I am sorry to say, isn’t going to be your typical moon phase. (Let’s get serious though, we are use to this by now… normalcy is out the window)

Libra is all about bringing balance, peace and harmony to situations. This energy also has a huge effect on the way we view our relationships and how we participate in partnerships.

ALL TOGETHER NOW…. This brings us to the New Moon in Libra on October 16th 2020. This is the halfway point between two powerful Full Moons. Yes- two Full Moons in October. You heard that right.

Normally we would want to start a new seed of intention right about now, however… we are in between. We are literally in the middle of a massive transformative stage- which is actually here showing us the weeds that still need to be pulled, the rest our bodies need while we wait and asking us to really get clear on what we are bringing with us. Almost like packing of the bags.

I heard this analogy about this New Moon the other day, and it actually to me represents all of 2020. ‘Catching the Wave’.

If you surf you will know exactly what I am talking about here…. and if you don’t well – 10/10 recomend, it is the best, funnest, hardest sport in the world and literally is the best analogy for life in my humble opinion. *and by no means am I a good surfer… I just like a challenge 😉*

We are learning when and how to feel when it is the right time to catch the wave. There is a trick to this. It is called knowing your surroundings, and listing to your intuition. You have to FEEL into when it is right. You have to look around and notice your surroundings…. is the environment right. Do you have everything set up to take this wave into shore? This is the wave that could and will change your life if you just trust, let go and surrender into what and where you are going- without having all the answers.

This requires you to let go of many blockages that may be in the way.

These blockages are within you. They are programs and stories playing over and over again in your mind…… they are telling you on repeat that you WONT catch the wave, but I am here to tell you those beliefs, they have to go. They wont take you where you want to go.

There is a new beginning for your life on the horizon but these energetic effects happening are really pushing us as a human race to CONTROL, ALT, DELETE all the beliefs and patterns that are from the past they are not coming with us into the future.

This is a New Moon to sit and write down your values, your beliefs, ask yourself “What is mine?”, “What do I believe?”

This is how we start to make new waves….. literally.

New brain waves will start to flow and you will begin to operate form your new system. Remember as the systems change outside of ourselves- they change inside of us too. BUT the key here is to really focus on US. For us as individuals to do they work to rewire and change our subconscious patterns in order to see the greater change in the systems of our world. If we wavier, so do the systems around us. We need to be strong in our beliefs, we needs to feel sturdy like a rock up on that board riding that wave. We need to trust that our new beliefs will be the ones that help us get to shore, in a new and much better way.

This Libra New Moon is asking this of you… it is asking you to find space to go inward, to look inside and literally press CNTRL, ALT, DELETE on all the things that no longer take up space in your own internal computer system. This is how we make new waves. This is how we will see which new wave is ours. It will come- we are just in between.

While we wait… look inside.
Go ahead, press- control, alt, delete.
Reboot your system.
This is where we begin to make systemic changes.
It starts internally.

Justice will be served. Trust in what you can’t see.
You have a power like no other, get ready- it is almost time to catch the next wave .

I will be doing an Instagram Live on the New Moon in Libra Friday, October 16th at 5pm PST – come over and catch me there @bravelybeautifulblog – ill be answering questions and taking you through a little ritual ❤ Hope to see you there!

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