wtf is ‘integration”…


What in the world is integration?

Integration is in fact what we need to after moving through a big change. It is a must. It is something many people skip over and forget about along the way- often times quickly moving on to what is next and forgetting this magical part of the process.

We must integrate.

Integration can feel and look like this:

  • tiredness
  • lethargic
  • thirsty
  • crying
  • mellow
  • calm
  • inward
  • being alone
  • clearing
  • cleansing
  • releasing

This process comes after lots of change has happened, both internally and externally. This step of the process is imperative to our growth. Almost like a test to see how much we have learned and what we choose to let go of.

As humans, we resist change over and over again until it is basically forced upon us. IF you are in the camp of people who are like “SIGN ME UP I LOVE CHANGE”… this is fantastic because we need you here to lead the way.

Change is scary and throws our nervous system for a wild ride, BUT when we take time away to integrate and sit with our feelings and lessons, it is then we can transcend what we went through and use it as new knowledge to lead the way for our future life.

Integrating isn’t easy. It can often feel like we are in the end, tired and just not ourselves. But this, this is where reflection and self-compassion come in.

We haven’t been taught this. Yet another thing we weren’t taught in school. But you’re learning it now so allow gentleness with yourself.

Our bodies need time to catch up to our souls. Our soul is limitless and the one filled with all the dreams and exponential potential. Our soul wants to go, while also tells us to rest… it’s our humanness that doesn’t want to listen.

During this period of integration, we are often met with TONS of feelings and emotions. This is normal because it is then when we choose to rest and sit still all of that needs to be released has space to finally be free. Free to leave.

Integrating what you have learned from such a massive time of change is so important and it’s needed to lead the way.

In this stage you may feel called to numbing, overworking and or running away from the need to be still. It is in those moments you need to listen. You are being called toward serious integration.

You have been through a lot.
You have seen a lot.
You have heard a lot.

You have changed a lot.

It is okay to give yourself time away. Time away to feel all the things this crazy year has thrown your way.

Rest. Journal. Repreieve. 

This integration process is preparing you for a new and final wave. It is calling you to who you have always been being called to be. 


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