What to expect from this New Moon in Leo’s powerful new beginning…


New Moons are such a magical time.

They open up new doors and “portal” like energy for us to walk through. They are new beginnings wrapped in darkness which allow us to illuminate our own light we hold inside.

One of the special parts of the new moons is there is no moon. Its cycle is new which in our world is represented by not seeing it at all in the sky. When this happens on a clear night we can see all the stars. We can appreciate the dark. It is then we are able to go within and feel our own light, the parts of us that feel like we need to and want to shine.

New Moons bring us a chance to recognize what we truly want. Because they encourage an inward look, vs full moon being outward… we are empowered to look within and truly ask ourselves what we want for our lives. Why we do what we do, and who we are at our core.

Every moon is unique depending on what sign it’s in at the time, this New Moon is in Leo is illuminating a power inside of us we can no longer hide from the outside world. We are now being encouraged to SHINE. To allow both our darkness and light to come forth and lead our new path forward.

Leo energy is big, bold, creative, and playful. It brings out something within each of us. It’s different and unique to us all depending on where Leo falls in your natal chart.

Leo wants us to really embrace who we are and let the world around us see us for exactly that.

This New Moon is perfect for setting new intentions as well as seeing old seeds we’ve planted bloom and come to life. The more we step into who we came here to be (aka listen to the calling of our soul) the more abundance and fulfillment we will feel. Of course, it’s challenging to live a life that feels good to us, because it’s inherently different from the world we live in. Because on some level you were told to quiet parts of you that you love. That you feel good about. What and WHO are you? This isn’t the time to hide anymore. Leo encourages you to be LOUD about the things you care about. LOUD about your passions and what you want to create. LOUD in who you are as a person here in this world. Because you are here like YOU. There isn’t anyone else who can do it better than you. It is time to show yourself and us all who you are at your core.

This New Moon is showing you the way forward and it starts by listening to yourself and the voice within. By stepping up and BEING exactly who you are at this moment.

This new moon is a powerful fire in your belly. It’s illuminating the path forward. It’s showing you your purpose. It’s breathing new life into your journey. This new moon is giving you light after a long dark journey.

Feel it.
Breathe it in.
Head held high.
This is the beginning of your new-found life.

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