Dear Fear,

A few days ago I wrote a letter to my fear…
Here’s what it said…

Dear Fear,

I know you are here trying to protect me. I know you are feeling scared, sad, and worried.
I know that you feel like you need to drive right now. I see that you are doing your best to breathe right now.

I understand up to this point things haven’t been easy. I know you have been working tirelessly trying to do your best job at keeping me safe, warm, and healthy.

You have done your best with what you have and I appreciate you thinking and believing that’s what you were put here to do.
But I have something I want to tell you….

It might make you tremble, quake, and maybe even make your heart shake.
The world is a different place.
The world doesn’t need you to keep me “safe” in the way you think.
The world needs us to work together. To be big. To be strong, this is your job.

So I see you and I hear you. And I know that life up to now has been a lot for you. You have been running on empty for long enough, it’s time to try something new.
It’s time to allow ourselves to journey down a new and open road. This one won’t be as familiar to you as it should. Perhaps my fault. But it’s time now.

Fear. Meet love.
Love is kind. And has the most beautiful unconditional heart.
Love is taking us down a new road now. You’ll feel scared and you’ll want to drive. But you can’t this time.

Fear instead you get to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The thing is fear, we need you here. I need you here but we have to learn to work together with love here.
Together we can do hard things. Together we get to live a life we have always dreamed.

Fear, I see you. I hear you and I validate all your concerns.
Now it’s time to learn something new. A new way of being able to figure things out.

Fear you lead me here.
Fear you did your best with the knowledge you had.
Fear, it’s time to unlearn. It’s time to change the way we play this game.
It’s time to step out into the world and be brave.

Don’t worry, I got you.
Love will help us lead the way.

This blog is short, sweet, and to the point, because it is one that needs to be deeply reflected on and devoured all the way in.

This message is strong. It is one we as a world need to learn. It is we who get to choose. Who gets to decide how we want to live our lives.

I’ll leave you with this as the world is calling you to rise. As the beckoning gets louder.
As your surrounded by inscriptions making you question your beliefs. I wonder, what are you letting lead?

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