how to harness this wild LEO energy….

If you are being called to do more the time is now.
What makes you special, that’s how you create.

– leo 

This time last year I was asked to write my first ever blog for another platform. I remember being shaky and filled with so much gratitude and excitement, while also worried I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Here’s what I want to start off by saying…

Leo season has not limits… well when it comes to YOU pursuing your dreams that is. Yes, even with social distancing.

Leo is creative and playful and lives life with this exuberance about them. They are able to get up there and speak with such radical expression which totally and completely says who they are.

Leo’s are assumed to be the life of the party and the star of the show, while this isn’t always the case – when they are completely in their element and serving the world in their purpose is when they become the star of their own show.

It’s like they come to life.

As soon as I was asked to write that blog, something in me was born. A side of me that had always been there yet didn’t have a place to take form and or ‘come to life’

That was Leo Season for ya!

This month we will all be met with this energy. We will be given sparks and opportunities that will allow us to open and unlock parts of our soul to move forward in our purpose.

The best part is we get to have fun while we do it. We get to laugh and find our joy… we get to only say yes to the experiences that light us up and allow the rest to step aside.

We will all feel this energy in one area of our life, regardless if you are a Leo sun or not. (look at your birth chart at ASTRO CAFE and see where LEO is in your chart.)

Life is about to be illuminated ….well take it after this wild year we’ve had to far.

Five Ways to Harness This Wild Leo Energy:

Create from your heart:
What are you being called to create? And how does it make you feel when you’re creating that thing? If it brings you joy… do more of that. Leo energy wants you to be in your FULL authentic expression. This is a bliss point where you will not only find fulfillment within yourself, but it will radiate to the rest of the world as well… creating a ripple of happiness. Hey, it’s 2020 – let’s do our best to get some more of that.

Spark joy:
YUP much like above it’s time to do things that make you feel so alive. To do things that make you feel happy and filled with excitement. Being around friends, yoga, running on the beach, picnics in the park… social distance of course. You can even buy yourself a little something nice… after all Leo’s love to treat themselves. Just make sure it sparks joy and not just an impulse buy!

Get that Vitamin D:
Get outdoors and outside as much as possible. This month and season is that of fun and being outdoors. Our bodies need this. Our immune systems need this. Much like the lion who baths in the sun, get out there and soak it all up. Leo is more extroverted vs cancer (which we just had) who is more introverted. Getting outside and allowing yourself to shine is one of the blessings of this season’s energy.

Speak up & out:
USE YOUR VOICE! Leo has a way of being compassionate and also very strong in their voice and opinion. They are ultimately here to serve the world with who they are as an individual. They are unique and confident in their ways and ability to be that way. They stand up and speak. They lead. This isn’t a time to be quiet. It’s a time to be compassionate and speak your voice even when it shakes.

Have Courage:
Step FULLY into your purpose.
This month and this energy is basically kicking you forward into a place you’ve probably never been before. Completely out of your comfort zone and into a space of unknown… yet you know deep within your soul and all of your being it’s for you. Those nudges you’ve been getting… ya it’s time to fully embrace those. Leo gives you strength, power, and determination to go. To step fully in. There is no turning back with this energy.

Go after what you want, it’s time to allow yourself to succeed.

This year has been wild, crazy, insane and all the things we never wanted to believe could happen. Yet somehow we have found new parts of ourselves hidden deep within.

It’s now time to use what you know and just giveeeerrrr a go! It’s Leo season after all.. don’t miss this opportunity because you feel scared or not ready. Here’s the secret… you’ll never feel “ready” so you might as well use this energy to step into your power.

Untame Your Wild Self

leo szn mantras

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