The onset of a new life…

“Just like the moon, we go through phases”
– Spirit Daughter

Every step we take in life eventually leads toward a path or a door we didn’t know was there before.

We grow and change constantly, sometimes without even knowing it.

Every chapter, every page turn is like another adventure filled with mishaps, challenges and times that turn into memories we never forget.

All of these are phases.
All of these are important books we call our journey.

Imagine this… you are an author.
You are sitting in your office and you are at your desk looking at a blank page. You feel stumped for words. Not sure what to write, frustrated with yourself searching for words and inspiration to flow. You put your pen down, you sit back in your chair and something tells you to lookup. You glance upward at your wall where you have your book collection. And on that shelf, you see all the books you’ve already written. A slight smile runs across your face and you laugh under your breath. It’s at that moment where you remember all the life you’ve lived. It’s at that moment you remember that through living and shifting through phases you created stories. You created memories. They turned into written words and poetry. Feelings that taught you lessons you’d never forget. It’s at that moment you realize, everything is just a phase. And just like that, you remember that all you endure, all you feel and all you have ever created has become a book in a phase of your life… and finally you remember your the author of this next phase and you get to choose what you want to write.

Every stage of life is a phase, a journey really. Leading us towards doors and places we never would have found otherwise. We never quite know where our future will lead, however, we always know that when we awake the next day something will come to lead us that way.

Just like books that are hung up on shelves, they all have a phase and a story to tell.

You are shifting.
You are moving.
You are becoming.
Everything you’ve always dreamed of being.

“Just like the moon, we go through phases”

I love this quote for so many reasons.

The phases we go through come and go and transform us into whom our soul wants us to grow.

We as humans are constantly evolving.

It’s when we stifle our growth and the phase we are in when we make it come to a haunt and refuse to let certain phases come to end, it is then that we suffer and twist our own soul. It is then that we hurt and feel uncomfortable.

Letting go is tough and it’s true that feels undeniably uncomfortable. Yet somehow staying in a place we’ve outgrown feels just as tough and less and less like home.

I think we’re here to move with the tides, to allow the phases to teach us where we are meant to truly fly.

I tell you all this because not only the year and the phase we are in, but because of the presence of tomorrow’s new moon.

We have gone through a massive cycle. One that has ended things without consent and or much choice. It feels deeply like our freedom has been taken and ultimately feels unknown and aggravating.

This new moon however is coming with some good news. It’s coming with a second chance and one that sparks hope.

Although with lots of tension in the air, I believe this moon is asking us to end a phase and step forward into a new one that feels filled with fresh air.

Manifestation may feel bigger and more prominent at this time, and use it to dream and allow yourself to imagine what you feel you might want your life to look like.

Rest and recover and feel comfy at home, this is the moon to appreciate all that is coming and all that is gone.

New Moons are a time to set your intentions to dream big and to allow yourself to get ready to bring things to fruition.

So just like the moon, you go through phases too.

Remember that.
Reflect on that.

And ask yourself, how do I want this chapter in my next book unfold?

You are the author.
You get to choose.

Dream big.
Let the story unfold

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