energy report…

JULY 2020

Trust your tender heart now.
This is the place where tender loving energy exists.
Where love and empathy are found at a deeper level now.

July is the month of healing.
Of laying low and becoming a whole other embodiment of your ethereal being.

Trust your tenderness as you move through this month.

We have all just experience so much. We have moved and climbed mountains. We have seen places and seen secrets revealed.
They have rocked our world. They have shown us new paths and ultimately things have just found a way to propel us forward into directions
we simply did not choose, and some of us, some of us were not ready for this life to unfold as quickly as it did.

This is why this month it is important to rest your head.

You have been lifting.
You have been chugging.

Your emotional body is tired and wants to rest for what is coming.

Go slow and remember to breathe.

This month wants you to take care of your heart.
To nurture it through creation and art.
To move. To move your body and allow emotions to flow.

To be near water.
To watch as your feelings come and then go.

July feels fluid. Like there isn’t much energy on the emphasis to move forward.
More so in the energy of allowing what’s meant to leave find ALL of it’s way out.

A detox.
A release.
A space of discomfort and yet still ease.

This is the month of in-between- quite literally.
We are between Eclipses.
We are between seasons.
We are between the end of the old world and the new one just starting.

July is tender.
July is tired.
July is slow.

July is the beginning of magic unfolding.
July is the place where tenderness is found.

This month feels into gratitude, solitude even. And allow your tenderness to shine from the inside out.

You are growing and you are becoming and that my dear, that takes so much courage darling.

Think of the crab who leaves from their shell. When they leave they expose their softness, their tenderness. They expose themselves. As they move from one shell to another they are vulnerable and exposed. In a place that feels scary, unknown and hard to tell. They don’t know how to live in that space and look forward to their new “hiding place”. Maybe the lesson of a crab is as simple as this, maybe the lesson here is to be okay with all of this. To allow ourselves to be exposed. To sit in the space of not being comfortable without what we know. Maybe it’s okay to ask ourselves why. Why we are so afraid of what the world might see is inside. Maybe when we show this to the world, we pave the new way forward. With tenderness, with empathy, with all of this.

July 2020

A month of great pause.
A month of breaking before beginning.
A month of soft.
A month of rest.

A month of not quite knowing what is next.

Transformation comes in stages, July is the soft open of this big transition.
Go slow. Go with ease and allow yourself to rest when you need it.

The answers are here.
In the pause. In the moments of allowing yourself to ‘Just be’


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