energy report

April the month we rebuild.
The month we step into the birghtness that is and always has been inside of us.

Lots will come trhough.
Lots will happen for you.
Lots will show be shown to you.

Listen to it.
Head the call.
What is your intuition telling you it’s time to dive into and fully evolve in ?

This is the month of beginnings. Of picking things up and not only put them back together again, but completly building something new, something different, something that hasn’t ever been done before.

You are are because we chose you to help build this new structure.

Yes it will take work.
But it will also take ease.. something that the we havn’t ever seen to believe.

This is the month where new structures will be built. Built from the ground up once again. 
This is a month that will never be forgotten and written about it in articles in years to come.

Are you having an awakening to feelings inside of yourself you havnn’t ever felt before?

If the answer is yes it is time to heed the call.

You are so ready.
You are ready to birth this project into the light.

Jump, leap, dive in before you feel ready because this is time that is right.

We had to get you to a place of such discomfort, a place that feels different than ever before, simply because the things you are craving couldn’t have come in the old ways you were being. Nope they didn’t fit… but this month you will be pushed and pulled and asked to build new beliefs and structures from the ground up.

You will be the one who puts it together. YOU will be a glue that the world needs all by just being, by being yourself – oh my dear can’t you just let yourself be free.

This is the yellow, the fire that sits in your belly. 
April is bringing this to life. This is the month that you’re ready to show the world your own divine light.

April is showing us where we can glow.
It is showing us the places we could’t see before.
We coudln’t see them because it was full. So full and crowded we couldn’t see our light.

Ahhh isn’t it interesting what the darkness of space brings our way?

Isn’t it interesting what we find what the things that are mundane simply seem to fade away.

We are left with space.
A space that can be and will be rebuilt in time.

But right now.
In this moment April is asking you to attune your light.

To redifine this human thing called life.

Take it.
Run with it.
Show yourself some love.
Be playful and joyous and smile for once.

April is brighter and although still tough.
You are feeling the urge to create.
To create something new from a space that was created to show you your light.

Whatever it is we are ready to see it.
We are waiting for you to add to these layers of brick and mortar. We are needing and craving your unique contribution.

Let April showers bring the may flowers.
Let this garden grow brighter than ever before.
Let the new world form from the gifts inside of you that are waiting to be born.

No coincidencdes here my love.
Because we, we always have a divinly ordered plan.


It’s time to build what you have been wishing, waiting and hoping to create.
Dive in my love, its going to be all worth the wait.


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