learning to trust…

It’s like learning to walk. 
It’s like learning to fall and get back up. 
It’s like riding your bike with your training wheels off. 

How and when did we loose this skill?
At what point did humans let this one fall through the cracks?

Learning to trust in one another. 
Learning to trust in ourselves. 
Learning to trust in really all of it. 

I was talking to a friend (Rebecca) from ‘ You Are Collective’ about some of the energy that we have been experiencing. 

She said something so beautiful that really got me thinking… 

“Learning to trust whats out there, and what my body and brain are telling me.” 

This is beautiful for so many reasons. 

But especially for right now.
For this type of energy we are all collectively experiencing. 

How many times do we “shush” ourselves?
How often do we push our needs for quiet time aside?
How often do we push when the universe is urging us to give ourselves a little slack and open up to simply receive?

We tend to do this more often than not.
We keep going when really something outside of us is telling us to do otherwise.
It’s teaching us how to trust.


Somewhere along the way we forgot. 
Somewhere along the way someone forgot to teach this little but incredible part. 
We are learning how to trust not only our head this time around but our hearts. 

Things are changing. 
Times are changing. 

Constantly with the answers right at our fingertips we get to see what it is we want in the blink of an eye. 

In almost an instant. 
The thing with this is that our world, our universe… it works quite a bit different. 

We were taught to use our brains. 
To go to school and to get good grades. 

Yet no one taught us how to let it go, to leave it up to something so wildly unknown. 
No one taught us how to sit back, to relax and how to receive. 

Which makes things complicated when we’re in this type of energy. 

We didn’t learn how to trust things that were unknown… unless of course, they were forced upon us. 

We were taught to work hard and keep our heads down in the work. 

But what about this?

What about when we don’t have the answers?
What about when we’ve hit the end and we don’t know what to do next?

What about all of that?

Learning to trust is like learning to walk. 

It’s about learning that you will fall and you will in-fact get back up. 
It’s about learning how unsteady you will feel doing different things. 
It’s about conquering the fear of taking the first step. 

Not knowing if theres anything there to catch you – yup it’s scary as shit. 

It’s absolutely terrifying.

But when we relate it back to learning to walk and this beautiful quote above, it’s all about learning to trust. 

Learning to trust that what’s out there will catch us. It’ll support us. 

It’s about learning to let your heart make some decisions no matter how scary they are and TRUSTING in them so much. 

It’s about believing in yourself when your mind said it’s simply had enough. 

Trust… it’s all about learning to walk. 

So walk. 
So take the first step. 
So dive in. 

We didn’t learn how to trust, it doesn’t mean you can’t now. 

Moving from 2019 into 2020 we have seen this theme come up a lot. It’s been very present in my life and it seems as if it has been for others as well. 

But this time, right now…. it’s incredibly potent and powerful energy. 

There aren’t any answers right now. 
There is no way of knowing you are making the right choice. 
Nothing seems to make logical sense. 


So how?
How do we navigate this?

We learn to trust. 
We become that of surrender. 

We follow the flow of the changing tides and trust that our body, mind and soul will show us the way. 

Trusting in something we cannot see is one of the most faithful acts a human can make. 
Trusting in something that feels unknown. 
Trusting in timing. 
Trusting that something will catch you if you fall down. 

It’s frustrating energy to move through. But we have to learn too. 

It’s time to trust. 
It’s time to trust ourselves and our abilities. 
It’s time to walk forward through a doorway that leads you down a path you’ve never taken before. 
It’s time to learn to walk again. 
From the beginning. 

It’s time to trust yourself on the path that is ahead of you. 

Listen to your mind. 
Listen you your heart. 
Listen to your body. 
Listen to your soul.

It knows the way.

Trust yourself in the pursuit of it all.  – xo 

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