The 2019 Hangover

Every year comes with its own set of challenges and lessons. 

BUT THIS ONE felt that it was an eternity of ups, downs highs and lows… and my body is feeling it immensely. 

365 days to grow and learn.
365 days to become someone or something.
365 days to live, love and learn ( cheesy but true ).
365 days where you are attending to your goals, to your family, to your health, to your work, trying to make money, to live, to be. To love. To survive. 

2 weeks to celebrate it all.
2 weeks to rest.
2 weeks to prepare for the next 365.

December comes along and sweeps us off our feet. 


We spend the first half of the month BUSY. We spend it trying to curate the lists and check things off before the end of the year. We move into buying gifts for our loved ones and rushing around shops like chickens with our heads cut off. 

“It’s a busy time of year”,  we hear on repeat.  

AND THEN all of a sudden it’s Christmas. 

We get to enjoy some time off of work and be with our families and friends. 

We get to enjoy the moments of “rest” and “relaxation”. 

While we go from place to place enjoying food and taking time from our day to day routines our bodies are often pushed to their limits. 

There is so much to cram into only a small amount of time. 

We loose track of the days.
Our brains become slightly foggy.
And we perhaps are just craving some good old vegetables. 

THEN before you know it its New Years Eve. 

Feelings of exhaustion and excitement run through our bodies. 

Somehow someway – we push through. 

AND BAM just like that it’s January 1st and you wake up to a brand new year. A brand new decade. A new fresh start. A day where you’re either FULL FORCE ahead or feeling like the couch, Netflix and pyjamas are your best friends. 


This is why. 
This is why we are feeling the vibes of a 2019 Hangover. 

What’s the cure? 
Good question. 

I think ultimately we need to be. Be with these feelings. Try and vibe with them sort of speak. 

Our bodies ALWAYS take longer to catch up to the new energy. 

They always seem to be slightly behind in the game – hence why sickness happens. This is a form of up levelling. Of riding your body of something that is not coming forward with you. The hangover of the year feels similar. 

It feels like this hangover is happening because we have cleared out so much from our subconscious, and our literal physical lives that our bodies are like “WTF JUST HAPPENED”. 

2019 was a rollercoaster. One that had some crazy epic twists and some that had some scary drops. 

Think of how your body actually feels after you get off a rollercoaster ride. 

I don’t know about you… but mine always feels like its been hit with a sack of potatoes. Mentally I LOVE IT. It’s thrilling. Emotionally, I’m excited and exhausted at the same time. AND IM ALWAYS SO SLEEPY AFTER. 

I guess we could also compare this to surfing. 

Waves come and go and knock you down. BUT in order to get better you get back up and commit to learning how to stand up on that board once and for all. It’s fun playing in the waves. BUT it’s tiring. And after playing in the waves for a while – it takes your body time to adjust to not being in the water. To feel like you’re not floating or washing through ocean waves. 

What I’m trying to say is that 2019 was much like a big wave and rollercoaster wrapped into one. It was that of big moves, changes and uphill journeys. 

Our bodies need time to adjust. 

The hangover feels like and emptiness that is waiting to be filled, but first the energy needs to be restored before it can be refilled.

This leads me to thinking about how in society we are basically expected to just be ready. To all of a sudden to shoot off into the distance. To jump back into work with a full tank of gas. WHEN REALLY you just used all that was left in your tank in the last four weeks of the year. Anything that was left over….. you used it. 

This hangover is calling for you to rest.

To allow the space to create the new pictures and visions that 2020 will have in store for you. Its a time to rest. To dream. To work behind the scenes when you feel like it. 

There’s no telling how long this hangover will last… its different for everyone.

Maybe that depends on the type of year you had. 

But what I know for sure is that THIS SPACE needs to happen to create more space for 2020 to unfold naturally. 

GO binge watch Netflix. ( HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU– season 2) 

Work out and move your body when you’re ready.
Drink your greens and get back into veggies, but also have a few more treats if you feel like it. 


Your dreams aren’t going anywhere- I can promise you that.

Be gentle with yourself.

2020 is here. But let yourself regroup a bit.
after all, you can’t pour your unique flavour into the world if your cup is empty.

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