The Unbecoming of Everything You’ve Ever Known.

This is the unbecoming of everything you’ve ever known.

The unravelling. The delayering. The patterns and shifts that have been curated in order for you to let go.

Like seriously let it all go.

Like you’re looking in a mirror and see your reflection staring back at you. You watch as the layers you wear fall to the ground. You watch as you become naked. You stand in your stillness. You shiver. You cover yourself with your hands. The layers have fallen. Been stripped away.

You take a big deep breath.
You stand tall.
You close your eyes and then open them again.
This time you see yourself in a new light.
Still undressed. Still bare. Yet feeling so free and so proud of the being you are.

Of the being, you’ve become.
Of the unbecoming of all that you were.

Because now, now you’re the you without limitations. Without old habitual traits weighing you down. You’re finally you.


The unbecoming of everything you’ve ever known.

You reach a point.
A point in your journey where you feel discomfort. Maybe a sense of disconnection. You reach a point of your journey where you’ve grown. Where the skin your wearing wants to shed. Where your mind wanders to new destinations. Where you know you’ve run your course.

You start to unbecome all of what you were told to become. All of what you were told to do. Because it no longer resonates with this version of you.

2019 was the tipping point of pushing us to our edge of discomfort. Forcing us to look. To truly look at the ways we were staying stuck in patterns that just weren’t us. The patterns that were no longer in alignment with who we were becoming.

I felt a constant fleeing from my body.
A growth and expansion vividly.
I felt myself change.
I felt myself grow.

Were allowed to change. Were allowed to grow. Were allowed to become something more. Something greater than we’ve ever known.

When we unbecome everything we’ve thought we were it can feel unbearable.

It can feel like you’ve been whipped around a few times on the tilt a whirl.

In this season of unbecoming everything you’ve always thought you were, you became everything you were always meant to be.

The breaking.
The crying.
The darkness you battled, you found your way through.

You became all of you.

The gifts you uncovered.
The voice you found.
The life you decided to live.
This is you unbecoming everything that you thought you had to be.

When you’re becoming what you really want, you shed. Your skin sheds layers. You peel back the onion. You make it to the core. At the core, you find a person who has been screaming to fully live. LIKE FULLY LIVE. To lead. To be in this existence living the most expansive and fulfilling life.

Unbecoming everything you were taught makes you the hero, the driver of your own life.

Becoming what you’re here to become takes absolute pure and bold bravery.

It takes patience. It takes strength.
It takes courage to rebel against society.

It takes a dreamer who believes in themselves. It takes a human who sits in their darkness and doesn’t run. Who goes deep. Who has big emotions. A person who uncovers the parts of them they hid from the world and lets them be seen.

This is the becoming of everything you never thought you could be.

That’s what it’s like unbecoming.
Unbecoming all of what you thought you had to be.

You’re here.
You’re becoming all of you.

All of the people who soulfully chose this life. That’s who was there in the mirror staring back at you this entire time. You just forgot for a little while.

Welcome back.

2019 may have broken you open.
Maybe it felt like a roller coaster of ups downs, highs and lows. Maybe it felt like you’d never get to the other side. Maybe it felt like you lost yourself. Maybe.


Maybe you were finding yourself the whole time.
Maybe you were meeting yourself deeper.
Maybe you were expanding.
Maybe you were truly getting to the core of who you came here to be.
Maybe it showed you your dark so you knew what it was like to feel your brightest light.
Maybe you were unbecoming all of what the world placed upon you.
Maybe you were becoming who you signed up to be from the start.

Maybe this was your year of learning to unbecome everything, in order to become everything. Everything authentic to you.

So go.
You’re ready.

All you have unbecome has made you everything you are.

And darling, we need all that you are from this moment forward.

Step forward, into your light.
Into all, you’ve become.
The world is waiting for you now.

Thank you for unbecoming all that you were. Thank you for becoming all you have been chosen to become.

This is your becoming.
Aka your homecoming.

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