It’s time to GO…

It’s time to be brave.
It’s time to bravely walk in the direction of your dreams.

It’s time to brush your fingertips along the bushes of this path before you.

It’s time to gracefully make your move into the future,
Into this present moment.

You no longer sit in a stand still.
You no longer stand in between destinations.

You’re no longer lost.
You’ve found your path.

It’s clear now and it’s calling your name.
It’s time to go.

As you look behind at the path you’ve just walked, as you look behind and see all you’ve done. As you look behind and see the people who helped you along your way, as you stand there and wave at your past. You feel a sense of gratitude, bliss and fulfillment run through your body.

Like you didn’t realize until this moment how much you’ve accomplished. All the people you loved and let into your life.

Of all the memories and places your eyes have seen and all of the feelings you’ve felt they lead you here.

No longer a fork in the road.
No longer waiting for the right time.

The clarity is here and it’s time to go.

As you wave goodbye to this past path, you see the smiles of your loved ones looking at you with so much pride and joy in their hearts.

They tell you to go.

They tell you to turn around.
To take this new path.
They support you.

You put your hand on your heart and close your eyes.
A tear rolls down your cheek.

Inside you know. You know this is the end.

The end of a chapter you wrote. The end of what you’ve been feeling coming.

It’s in this moment you know there’s no turning back and your new life is waiting for you.

This intense feeling.

This knowing courses through you that tells you it’s time for something greater than you could ever imagine.

A dream you’ve dreamt, is here now.
Waiting to be lived. Lived by you.

So as you turn around and walk in the new direction, feeling so supported by your past and all that got you to this point. You take a deep breath. You breathe in the fresh air.
And take a step.

There’s something so magical about this moment.
You know it’s time.

This path is different.

It feels calmer.
It feels like home.
It feels like blessings.
It feels like you’re finally not walking alone.

You get to the beginning of the path and beside you stands the person you want to walk this path with. You look to your left and there they are. With a smile on their face, they put their hand out and say “are you ready?” …. You know your truth. You feel it.

This is the day you’ve been waiting for.

You smile back.
You feel more ready than ever.

You put your hand in theirs and look into each other’s eyes and take the first step together.

There’s no looking back now.

It’s time to go.
It’s time to walk forward.

It’s time to take this path of love and uncertainty wrapped into one and flow.

You feel as if you’re floating.

You feel your heart beat stronger than ever and the calmest it’s felt in along time.

You feel supported.
You feel passion.
You feel alive.

The burden has been lifted and you know you have arrived.

It’s time to go my dear.
You’ve waited for this moment and now, now it’s here.

The time for forward motion is now.

The backwards is complete.

This journey you’re going on leads to everywhere you’ve never been.

It’s time to go.

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be.

Go. Your destiny is calling.
It’s time to flee.

Its time for you to see all you believed.

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