5 ways to Navigate BIG Change.

Part of me is resisting writing this.
Part of me is feeling like a hypocrite for wanting to write a blog on how to navigate change.
Part of me feels like I know this all too well and have lots to share.

Part of me is resisting because what do I possibly know about navigating BIG change?

There has been a massive energetic shift in our world that’s been building for the past few years. It builds stronger every day. We are all becoming more connected yet disconnected at the same time. We are all experiencing similar waves of emotion and sharing them in similar ways. We are becoming more conscious and aware. We are shifting.

This is big change.

There’s been a lot going on in our physical reality the last few years. We have seen this in politics, the climate, out worlds environment. We see this in people. We see this in places. We see this with gun laws, mental health, and bringing taboo subjects to the surface to discuss.

We are constantly being reminded of what’s changing. More often than not we are shown highlights of all the negative changes. We are given small clips of change that’s happening everywhere around us. Change is constant we know this. But how do we navigate this?

When everything around us is changing, what do we do?
What do you do?

Do you hang on tight to the old ways?
Do you flow and allow yourself to try new avenues?
Do you get swept away into fear from the change?
Do you embrace the change?

On a global scale we are seeing and feeling the change massively.

But I think sometimes we forget that in this world there are many of us as individuals who make up the collective population.

Each of us play a big role in the change the world is making. We play a big role in our own journey to change. They both go hand in hand. When things change around us, things change inside of us.

When things change inside of us- they change outside of us.

Change is constant.
Change is growth.
Change is good.
Change is welcomed.

So how do we navigate change?

When shit feels like it’s hitting the fan and your life is quote on quote “a mess”…

what do you do? How do you deal with this?

WTF are these inconvenient challenges trying to teach us during these times of life?

Here are my top 5 thoughts on navigating change and the Ebs of life :


Connect to your breath.

This is probably the most important one to remember yet the hardest.

Every time I’ve been met with a BIG change and obstacles present themselves, I often find myself forgetting to breathe. Like really breathe.

My heart beats fast the moment I wake up and throughout the day. I often feel like I’m running on a treadmill and can’t ever get off.

Side note: it’s a love hate relationship when someone says “just breathe” when I’m feeling so agitated. I know they are right but sometimes that anxiety within me just wants to scream “IM TRYING”!

So it’ll always be a work in progress.


Mama knew what she was talking about the multiple times she’s given me this idea!

When I’m faced with BIG changes I often feel overwhelmed, but never admit that at first. I pretend all is well and I can handle it. Then I procrastinate a bit until it gets so loud I have no choice but to deal with it.

That happens and BAM 💥 anxiety hits the max. So I’m learning. Learning how to combat this before it hits that point.

I’m a big picture person. I see it all and can see the end goal clear as day. BUT THATS TERRIFYING! It’s overwhelming because I rarely know the steps to get there. In these moments I hear my moms voice “Baby steps. One step at a time. What’s the first step?”

Eventually… I get there.
It’s a work in progress.


Move your body!
Wow this one saves me.

Before working out/ exercise was part of my daily routine, I found this difficult.

“You’re telling me to take time that I DONT HAVE to go to the gym?”

I couldn’t for the life of me understand how someone would expect me to take an hour of my day to move my body.


This is time for you. This is time that you get to move energy around in your body. It’s good for your mental health, physical health and overall well being.

This has become my preventative.

Which means I do this daily before work/ start my day this way. That way whatever change I’m navigating I know I have a constant. I have my anchor. The time to move my body. Be with myself. And connect back to me.


Receiving help when you are going through big things can be tough for a lot of people to accept. 🙋🏽‍♀️ I am one of those people. But recently I discovered that more people want to see you succeed than don’t. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve discovered that people who care about you want to help. I’ve discovered that I am not meant to do this life on my own. I know how capable I am of doing independent tasks. BUT it feels nice to have help. It feels good to let someone else take some of the weight off my shoulders. It feels good to receive.

This was so incredibly helpful- I cried.

I couldn’t believe that I was worthy of receiving help. That I wasn’t an inconvenience. Helping is in our human nature. I LOVE HELPING OTHERS so why not let them help back? SUPPORT is EVERYTHING while navigating change.

5. GIVE YOURSELF SPACE to integrate.

Okay. So if you’ve gotten to this point of the change – it means you’ve gone through it. Now it’s time to integrate.

Which can come with its own set of challenges. This time can feel like you are trying to find your footing. It can feeling freeing. It can feel like your lost. It can feel confusing. But there’s beauty in this time.

Giving yourself space to reflect and rest. Take everything in. Feel what you just went through. Often times when we’re in the thick of change our feelings get pushed to the side. This is the time where you get to integrate. Where you feel. Where you get ready to be in this new arena of your life. Sleep. Cry. Write. Dance. Explore. Go to new places. Find you again.

Sometimes life feels like an absolute shit show. It feels like your about to break down at the drop of a hat. It feels like you couldn’t possibly take one more thing. Your mental space is off and you drop to your hands in knees and uncontrollably cry, asking yourself “why?”.

These are the rock bottoms.
The moments of change.
The moments of EB.
They aren’t easy.
They aren’t fun.
They hurt.
They are uncomfortable.

And in every way shape and form I try my best to run from these. I have in multiple situations looked at the challenges and say “NOPPPPEEE IM OUT” and ran the other direction.

This journey isn’t linear. And every single aspect and avenue of change wether it be external or internal is different. But it’s part of your journey. It’s part of your souls path. Your soul signed up for this- which means you can handle it. Digging to the depths isn’t fun. It’s messy. It sucks. And it hurts like hell.

These challenges of change were meant to give you more strength to fly. To show you how much you can take. To test you.

To ask you how badly you want the change you are asking for. Will you break? Or will these obstacles be minuscule when you get to the finish line?

Remember where there’s dark, there is also light. We cannot have one without the other. With every low there’s an even higher high. So remember breathe, take it step by step and love yourself through this.

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