Heal the ouch.

We have to pause.
We have to take time to heal what’s inside of us. What’s come to the surface to be looked at. The next layer. The layer that is needing to be shed. Shed of disbelief that you deserve the next thing coming.

By looking at the details and tending to your heart, your desires, your commitments. You open yourself.

You open yourself for what’s knocking at your door.
This is vastly coming up within our “commitments”.

This includes our relationships, money, career, work, and everything that our heart feels so deeply connected to.

The commitments that our hearts want to fully honour and show up for.

You see- how can we hold these new desires if we don’t truly believe on some level we cant have them?

When we let go – it creates space. A void.

A place of uncomfortable uncertainty.
This is the space where healing happens.

Leo season gave us this power. This courage to own what we truly feel deeply about. And put our foot down to accepting anything less than that.

Now in September we are here.

We are faced with this energy of new beginnings. Of endings. Of tending to the details to what we need to heal within us in preparation for what’s being prepared for us.

Virgos are natural healers- but how on earth can we heal those around us when we still have things to heal inside of us.

The truth is we can use what we heal within us to help others heal themselves.

But it starts with us.
In order to ripple out into the world its starts with us.

We cannot and are not made to heal another person. We are here to lead, to guide, to be examples on how to heal ourselves through direct reflection.

The deepest way to do this work is through looking in a mirror.

Looking at the mirror of a person you are close to. That relationship(s) will show you where you still have healing that needs to occur in order to let your wings grow and expand to your new and next destination.

It’s not quite time yet.

Not quite time to fly. Because if you take off to early without all the passengers someone will miss out on an incredible opportunity and that person may be you, or maybe even a soul mate.

You may miss each other.

So wait.
While you wait… have strength.

Trust that sometimes you have to come apart a little bit. You have to Eb in order to flow, and trust that something bigger is happening behind the scenes preparing you for what you’ve asked for.

The commitments your heart wants to honour, are coming closer. But first it’s time to “heal the ouch”.

Heal your heart.

What does this even mean?

It means create the space for all those visions and dreams you felt so ready for during Leo SZN. Heal. Cry. Let out all the emotions that have been pent up inside of you for so long. Create this abundant space within you so you are able to receive what’s coming your way. So you are able to give back to life in a way that you have been craving.

Trust that when it’s time the answers will be revealed. It’s your turn to wait. To wish. To sit. To feel. To heal those old wounds or pains from lifetimes before you.

All so you are able to hold this.
This new chapter.

So you are able to hold these things, these dreams you’ve dreamed of with wholeness, with grace and with a level of knowing you deserve what you’ve asked for. You deserve what’s coming your way.

Let go of anything and everything that says you don’t- because it is simply not true.

Get your ducks in a row.
Things are aligning.

Have strength as you come apart.
All while youre actually coming together.

Heal that ouch. Prepare to commit to your dreams and darling- get ready to fly. Because soon your wings will take you to new heights. Wait. It’s almost time.

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