Babe, you got this!

We walk through this world unsure of our footing. Unsure of where life will take us and in these moments we sometimes loose sight. Loose sight of the vision we once held so tight. It becomes hard to walk through a world where we’re being told we can’t. Where we are constantly given reasons to keep us in fear. Fear that holds us back from being our truth. From speaking our truth. It keeps us hidden, small and far removed from the world as a whole.

There’s something changing.
There’s something shifting.

Within our world people are beginning to rise. They are shinning their light in a space that is filled with support , grace and unconditional love.

People are rising to the occasion with their struggles and wounds that once held them stuck- small in a box that was lonely and cold but now gives us an opportunity to bond with these stories being told.

We’re rising.
We’re growing.

Together we are changing.

Collectively we are outgrowing a world where surface level responses just won’t do. We are outgrowing this place of fear. We are outgrowing scarcity. We are outgrowing judgement. We are outgrowing jealousy. We are coming together as one.

This is the wold I want to live in.

I want to rise in a world where vulnerability and compassion is accepted. Where it’s encouraged. Where we teach it to the young and all the generations to come.

This is the world we are consciously connecting to. We are realizing we are all truly from the same stream of consciousness.

So this is a note from me to you.

A note to say something I think we all need to hear once and a while.

Words that I hear more and more these days that have so much truth.

Words we need to tell each other more.
Words we need to tell ourselves of more.

Words we say holding someone close and with absolutely no doubt and all certainty they come straight from our mouths.


Babe, you got this.
It really is true.

You have the power to create and cultivate and navigate anything and see it through. Yes there is challenge, yes there is struggle but you my darling will work through that without any trouble.

You’ve got this.
You have the ability to do hard things.
You have the ability to conquer your dreams.

You have the ability to speak your truth in absolutely everything you do.

Babe you got this!

This EB was given to you to show you flow.

It was given to you so you could figure out a way through. To give you the eyes to see yourself clearly as a person with strength. As a person with beauty.

This mountain was given to you so you could learn to climb and when you get to the top you feel like you’re flying.

This world will give you these challenges because you can do them. Because there’s no other person who’s exactly like you, with your gifts, with your talents with the grace to see this through.

So babe, YOU 👏🏻 GOT 👏🏻 THIS !

Anytime you doubt yourself.
Anytime you think you can’t.

Anytime someone says something to you that makes you tailspin back- remember these words. BECAUSE they are the truth.

But the best part about it is that these are words that are already within you.

Within you is this power.
Within all of us is this power.

We are all connected and when we tell ourselves we can do this.

When we tell ourselves “I GOT THIS.”… you do something for the entire world, for us all.

By you saying those words,
By you taking that action,
By you shining your light,
By you speaking your truth….

you encourage the world to rise.
You inspire others around you to do the same.

Wether its that relationship that triggers your growth or the one that is telling you it’s time to go.

Wether it’s feeling like there’s never enough as you work your ass off and life’s feeling real rough.

Wether it’s the career change you’ve been dreaming of and taking the leap.

Wether it’s the friends you use to love and suddenly you’re finding yourself slip away.

Wether it’s a trauma, a crisis, an outgrowing of self.
You were made for this mountain I can tell you that myself.

So in those moments remember this phrase.

Babe, you got this…. it’s all just a phase.

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