Begin again.

Through all the shifts and changing of the tides there comes a moment when you feel the wave rush over you. The wave, the freshness, the new air that your lungs feel just like they can finally breathe again.

This is the new.

Today I had an entirely other blog post planned. But it hit me a few days ago…. WE NEED to talk about starting over. Beginning again.

The energy lately has been insane.

We’ve been being pulled between what’s old and what’s new.

Like sitting ducks waiting for the right time to cross the road to get to the other side.
( first picture/ example that came to mind 😂)

Within starting over there are so many steps that it’s essential to just put one foot in front of the other and keep walking until you get to the next destination.

The path is rarely ever clear- and quite frankly if your path is clear, I urge you to look at that. I urge you to look at that because when we start again it’s comfortable to cling onto the things that we know. Us HUMANS are some serious funny creatures. I for one am a person who absolutely LOVES CHANGE…. BUT I freak out when it happens, anxiety hits and I grasp onto anything that “once was” as tightly as I can. I do this because of fear. Fear of the unknown.


This has taken me (is still taking me) lots of time to figure out. And it’s different every time. It depends on the change. Depends where I’m at emotionally, and has really shifted the more conscious I’ve become.

Starting over is such a beautiful blessing.

It’s a fresh start.

I LOVED packing up my life into bags and moving to cities I didn’t know anyone. OF COURSE it was scary and I almost lost my mind every single time- but the thing about this was the fresh start. I got a chance to reinvent myself. I got to find another layer of me through the process whom I didn’t know before. I got stronger, wiser and a little bit more me every single time.

Following the the flow of beginnings are a simple act of getting to go back to the core of yourself in order to delayer another aspect of you that’s holding you back from living your utmost truth.

So what’s the process?

Well if your in it right now – you know.
If you’ve started again- you know.
If you value growth – you know.
If your Pluto is in Scorpio- YOU KNOW
#millennials 🙋🏽‍♀️

It’s like this.

Things around you start to feel differently.

Your surroundings begin to feel off putting. You start to realize things around you are changing. Things pop up to push your buttons- or so it seems. You start to get annoyed. You start to feel uncomfortable… maybe even disconnected from your current reality.

You begin to be tested.

Your body starts to send you signals that something is off. Your heart may race faster or maybe feel nothing at all.

Your mind will wander, maybe even become more of a daydreamer. You may feel so uncomfortable you feel lost. You may start to numb – trying to find comfort in something outside of yourself.

The pressure starts to build because you simple can’t ignore it. Something needs to change.

Do you listen or ignore?

When we start again, we’re either forced too OR we have the choice and free will to decide to make the jump into the new before the force pushes us to.

Regardless- we get there one way or another.

When we’re there.. this happens.

Time feels like it’s speeds up and slows down at the same time. Your mind races and you may feel like your juggling all these things that you have no idea how the EF your juggling. You start to move quickly and faster into this next stage feeling your emotions ride from one part of you to the next. You may feel like you need to catch your breath but cant.

AND THEN – there’s a pause. A holding period. The period of time where you are afforded the luxury of the “in between”. Where the work has been done and now your waiting for the fruits of your labor to show so you can harvest all of them.

It’s the hold. The slow down. That chance to catch your breath and breathe through it. Allow your nervous system to CHILL.

Because soon enough you’ll catapult into the new beginning you’ve been desiring for a while now.

Your “old life” taught you so much.
Your “old life” prepped you for this.
Your “old life” was your teacher.

Beginning again makes you the student.
Beginning again makes you the teacher for others walking the same path.

When you start again you up level more than you are even aware of.

So wherever you’re at in this process, whatever new beginning is quickly approaching your existence- breathe through it because this is and always has been meant for you.
You’ve got every single ounce of support you need to make this happen.

You got this.

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