Becoming a new.

This is your season.
This is your reason for growing.

This is the place where the new you transforms into something.
Something bigger and brighter than you’ve ever seen before.

This is your season of becoming.

Darling, you’ve climbed the highest of mountains. You have pushed aside fear and moved through your ability to push. To push even harder than you ever thought possible. You’ve seen things. You’ve watched yourself break and fall to the ground and picked yourself back up and put together the pieces scrambled everywhere. You redefined yourself. You found a new sense of beauty that was always inside of you waiting to be allowed to be free. To flee from within you. That light, that fire, that infinite gift that you were born with. Inside of you – that’s what you’ve discovered. All along you were finding out who you were. You were learning to love the pieces of you that fell to the ground as your heart shattered all while loving and learning how to live in this world of craziness and conundrums teaching you differently than what your soul already knew.

You found you.

This is your season of becoming.

Darling, you will find yourself in a new place being fearful because of what you don’t know. You will find yourself pulling back into old places you’ve already come from seeking comfort from the people and environments you once found comfort in. But darling- don’t go back. Don’t go back to that place. It’s a trap that feels invincible but you’ve already become more than you were at that place and that place is no longer in your alignment. It’s no longer in a place that serves you. You have bigger places, bigger dreams, bigger goals… and a BIGGER out of this world destiny that was simply created and crafted for you.

Get out of your way dear one.

You are becoming.
You have become.
You are here now.

This is your season of becoming.

Become more of what you want while you show your appreciation for where you’ve been.

Flow into this new space of blissful opportunity that lies ahead of you.

Your journey is only beginning as you become even more you than you were before.

Your layers are peeled. They will always peel. You will stand strong in your grounded earth while you become your version of you you’ve always known you could be. Stand tall darling. Move through the shift. Shift into a higher level. Upgrade into your soul. Press restart and let yourself soar.

Believe in your worth.
Believe you can and you will.
Let yourself go.
Let yourself be.

Be this new.
Your soul is ready.

Let go now.
Be you.

You have become the becoming.

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