Death & Rebirth.

There comes a time in our journey where everything that we’ve been taught has to be released. Choosing a conscious path in this life demands this of us.

Because of our changing world. The age we live in and the need for more love to be vastly spread around the globe.

We shift, we release.

We let go of patterns and beliefs that our subconscious mind inherits as we grow.

We let these go.

In order to grow.

The process is messy. It feels foggy sometimes and really unclear. The actual process of the release feels final. It feels clearing. It feels down right uncomfortable.

Just like a snake who sheds it skin in order to grow a new one. Part of it dies so a new layer can be reformed. More suitable for the next stage of life.

We release.

As I release my body starts to feel different feelings flow throughout.

Depending on the day – some feelings feel light, almost as if I’m a feather floating through the wind. Some days the feelings are strong. My heart feels heavy, my eyes want to cry and it’s almost like I have to grieve a part of me that is so tightly holding on.

But I choose to release.

I choose to release because I don’t want to be stuck. I don’t want to stay the same. I want to be a person who is constantly evolving, up leveling and meeting myself. Meeting my soul. Meeting my heart and honouring myself every step of the way.

Even though some days I feel so friggan uncomfortable- I do it. I do it because my why. Because in order to be who I want to be this is what my soul calls for.

It calls for me to release. To shed my skin. To watch it fade away from me. To say goodbye to old versions of me. All to create the space for these higher versions of love and light to enter my life.

Growing up my biggest fear was snakes.

I still fear them. The way the slither around with a “hidden agenda” and have no legs and are so mysterious. Now as an adult- I still fear them to an extent. I don’t like being near them. I still feel they have hidden agendas and I don’t know wether then are coming or going.

But consciously I know this…

I know that snakes are the spirit animal for death and rebirth. I know that they are very similar to the Scorpio (Astro talk) energy which I have a lot of in my chart.

I know that they shed two to four times a year and feel uncomfortable before they let go of that layer of skin.

I know that I relate to this energy so much. The transition. The transformation. The death and rebirth of a snake feels so close to home for me.

The release and surrender of a snakes journey is similar to many of us.

Our journey of death and rebirth aid in comparison to the snake.

We transition. We transform. We become a new breed of ourselves with new skin, new lessons, new stories and new brilliance to bare.

We let go.
We release.
We surrender.
We grieve the end as we wait to feel the new beginning.

As the final layer leaves we feel the strongest. You know you have to let go but it’s real when you do.

How many times have you let go?
How many times has it hurt like hell?
How many times have you felt a weight lifted?
How many times did letting go scare you to death?

How many times did letting go lead you to a life of fearless creation ?
How many times was it worth it?

You are safe to make this leap. To let go and change course. You are ready and able to follow the path of your soul no matter how scared. Every single light that shines within you is welcomed to be shared in this world. You are ready to shed that final bit and move through to your next stage. Next cycle. Next adventure.

We’re all ready.

Let’s meet each other on the other side.

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