What’s at the end of your Finish Line?

Just around the corner.
Just around the bend.
Just over the steepest hill.
Just up the tallest peak.
Just in the midst of the part where you think you’re going to break.

What’s at the end of your finish line?

The life that we live is a journey. A journey filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. We focus on our goals, accomplishments, dreams and strive to reach them with ambition. We run the race. We climb the mountain. We hustle.

We do what it takes to get to the finish line.
But what’s at the end of YOUR finish line?

Is it quite literally an actual finish line? Maybe you’re running your first ever race and your feet are absolutely killing you and mentally you are breaking down. You keep picturing the end of the line. The big banner that says FINISH.

Maybe you’re waiting to see the view. The view at the top of that mountain you just climbed. The one where you were in complete silence with nature. Tripped on rocks, had to find strength to climb higher and steeper. The one that felt scary and thrilling the higher you got.

Maybe you’re finishing your last year of school.
Maybe you’re working for a promotion.
Maybe you’re planning your wedding.
Maybe you’re having a baby.
Maybe you’re starting a business.

Life is so full of the end. Ends of beginnings.

But the part in the middle- the journey itself is the part that we grow. The part where we learn. It’s where we’re in the trenches quite literally striving to get to the end.

My finish line is so dependent on what I’m working towards. Sometimes I can visually see the end of the goal taking place and more times than not I see myself, I see people supporting me, and I feel how I would feel in that moment.
It’s powerful.

I think being able to set a goal, plan and then watch it come to life is one of the greatest gifts of this human existence.
We are creatures of habit. But we’re also creatures of creation.

Being able to create new experiences for ourselves through our desires and dreams is a powerful reality we all can choose to embark on.

So what does the end of my finish line look like?

When I was training for my first ever 10k, I barely ran. I would maybe run for 10 minutes on the treadmill a few times a week.
I set the goal that that was something I wanted to do and committed to it fully.

Some days I absolutely didn’t want to train.
Some days I felt like I was flying and could push more and more.
Mentally I had to push through the blocks.
(hmm metaphor for life?)

I would picture the end. Seeing the finish or seeing people I loved at the end cheering for me. It felt amazing.

When I bought my first car I was terrified.
I had to keep thinking about the finish line. The time where I’d just have the car and could drive it and it would be mine. Mentally I skipped the hard stuff and let my body feel how it would feel so be sitting in the driver seat of the car I wanted. This kept me going. The journey was hard for me because I had NO CLUE on how to buy a car. (A 27 year old female in car dealerships isn’t the best recipe for getting good deals.)

When I packed up my life and knew it was time to leave Whistler. My finish line felt free. It felt like there was something bigger waiting for me to explore. It felt lighter.
I couldn’t see the big picture at the time but I told myself that the finish line would make me a new person. A happier version of myself. That’s exactly what it did.

You see, in each part of our lives we’re working for something. Were working for a goal that we have always wanted to achieve.
But the finish line isn’t everything.

The finish line is the carrot that we use to help ourselves along the way. We know it’s there and we get to reap the sweet feelings of what it brings once we get there.

But what about the way to the end?
What about the hills you climbed to get there? They were beautifully hard weren’t they?

What about the training it took for you to run that marathon? The people you met along the way? How your body has changed? The obstacles you had to over come. It was beautifully intense- wasn’t it ?

What about the time you leaped and didn’t know what was going to be there to catch you? You envisioned your dreams at the end. You saw yourself living that dream in reality. How scary that was- but look at all you learned.

The climb, the hill, the distance, the lessons. All that you learned is what got you to the end. The finish line is a culmination of your efforts. It’s where all you have grown to become comes together. All your hard work for that moment of “YES! I DID IT!” Which will last a life time. That feeling of straight up accomplishment. You proved to yourself that you are CAPABLE. You are DESERVING. You are BRAVE. And YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS.

The finish line is a beautiful place. It’s where dreams come true and feelings rush through our bodies. It’s where we realise our potential and show ourselves love and compassion for all we have gone through. It’s a place to be present in order to allow reflection to take place. It’s beautiful there.

I’ll leave you with this.

As I sit here and write this blog- I’m met with the times in my life where all I wanted to do was get to the finish. But the images that are popping up in my head are from the journey that got me there. The images that pop up are the people who supported me, or who I want to support me in the future. The images are showing me that life isn’t about the finish line. It’s about the way to it. That’s what makes it so magical. So where can we be more present? How can we appreciate where we are fully- before we get to that point?

As I manifest my dream finish line and realise I’m almost there. I’m stopping. I’m pausing. I’m showing gratitude for the climb.
For the unraveling I’ve done. The work I’ve put in. For opening my heart. I’m almost there.

(Hint hint* this time my finish line has a new person waiting for me at it. He’s tall, dark and handsome 😉 and radiates love and support.)

There’s always going to be a finish line.
It will always be there.

The end of a goal will come- but the lessons you learn along the way will stay forever and a new and BIGGER finish line will appear.

So… what’s at the end of your finish line?

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