5 lessons from Pisces season ♓️

Oh Pisces Season.

The waves you made and the tides you turned. I think it’s safe to say that we all felt the emotional ripples throughout our entire bodies.

It was a big month energetically. We were in an ocean of depth watery feelings. As we were coming out of the dark winter months and preparing for the new spring months here in the northern hemisphere. We felt it. There is no denying this.

Pisces gives us full permission to dream and to dream big.

To doze off into other worldly places into our subconscious. Into our hearts.

We feel things with Pisces energy. We feel so much that it can be tempting to escape.

This month you were probably feeling uncomfortable. You were probably feeling unsure. Maybe sad, Or maybe like your searching for meaning, Maybe you felt days like you were in a cloud or not here in this physical reality.

Welcome to the energy of Pisces.

Pisces are beautiful, spiritual creatures. They are the oldest sign in the zodiac and have an understanding and compassion for humanity. They dream big and feel deeply. They flow with the changing of the tides and don’t hang on to tight because they know another dream is only a ripple away.

I’m a Pisces rising and my Venus is in Pisces.

I felt this energy.
It was uncomfortable.
It was beautiful.
It gave me a new sense of purpose.

Here’s my 5 lessons from Pisces season.


Well. This. Was. Not. Easy.
I was absolutely 100% on struggle street with this. Letting go is not my strong suite.
Allowing things to flow- also not my strong suite. So this is what I had to learn.
I was presented with multiple situations over the past month that really made me look deeper at what I was trying to control in my life.

It brought up my shadow around how change makes me feel uncomfortable and uncertain which makes me feel like I don’t have control and triggers anxiety.
I am a fixed sign 🙋🏽‍♀️ which means I’m stubborn and don’t like change. YET I get bored with the same routines and crave newness and switching things up.

Letting go and surrender is a huge lesson for me in this lifetime. Because when I can fully let go and trust that the universe, god, spirit ( which ever you choose ) has my back- I literally can take myself out of misery and anxious patterns and feel calm instead.
I’m working on this.
I’ll always be working on this.

But what I learned is that by letting go- you set yourself free and your manifestations have room to enter.


Raise your hand if you spent more than at least 5 days crying this past month 🙋🏽‍♀️
Yup! I feel you. I see you. I hear you.

I cried about pretty much anything and everything. I started watching birthing vlogs, people getting married/ purposed to, hearing love stories. These were happy tears.

I cried because I was so tired from feeling anxious, feeling like I wasn’t getting enough sleep or just being drained.

I cried because I felt like I didn’t know where my life was going anymore- what my purpose was.

I cried because I watched my friends in relationships and that wasn’t my reality.

I cried because I’m so proud of all the places I’ve been, the goals I’ve accomplished, the journey I’ve been on.

The emotions were real AF this Pisces season. And you know what …. I learned that I am a very emotional person. I feel deeply. I can feel others emotions deeply and that makes me ME! I love that about me. It’s a gift.


I heard this Astro fact on a podcast recently- you can actually switch to the opposing signs energy of the season. NOW I’m not sure if this is true or not ( again not an astrologer) BUT if it is true, this would make a ton of sense.

Opposite Pisces is Virgo.
They are busy, organised, efficient and hard working humans.
This month I found myself making extra long to-do lists and feeling satisfied when I checked off the box when they were done.
GRANTED- I had A LOT to do to prepare for the next few months ahead, I found I was adding to my stress levels with the lists on lists on lists.

Eventually I had a panic attack and needed to completely melt down to build myself back up.

I took a break from Social Media – literally deleted it from my phone. Took a few weeks off of posting blogs. Gave myself time.
I needed to let go of the control ( see the letting go again) to allow myself to flow through the things coming to me. I was able to breathe a lot easier when I just said SCREW IT ! One step at a time. One day at a time. One box at a time.


This came up at the beginning of the season. I felt an insane amount of self doubt and discouraging energy within my body.
I heard myself saying things like “ew your stomach is disgusting.” Or “he won’t ever like you – you don’t look like that girl.”
This came back throughout the month.
Which is crazy weird to me because I thought I shut that voice up in my head A LOOOOONG TIME AGO.
She made a come back.

Now where I’m at on my journey in life, I find I’m able to sit back and reflect and go deeper into those feelings when they come up. I can ask myself and journal around why they may be presenting themselves to me and it also gives me a chance to work on “flipping the switch”. Flip out of that comparison mode and love myself more.

It’s tough some days.
Especially when all we want is to be better than the day before.
But I learned that in those moments I need to be kinder to myself.

Would I say those things to a little girl?
No! So don’t say it to yourself girl !

5.MY INTUITION ON FIRE / psychic abilities amped up

ALRIGHT SO… this one is heavy, deep and well if your not into “woo” or you are purely scientific…. maybe skip to the next part.

My intuition.
My dreams.
My visions.
My hearing.
My ability to connect.
All took a massive transformation.

It’s hard to explain, but I feel this whole new sense of openness and up level within my body and chakras.

I had so many Fated interactions this month just from listening to my intuitive pings.

I was woken up around 3am-4am every morning hearing songs, repeating words and phrases and feeling connection to spirit.

My dreams became even more vivid.
They actually started happening but in mish mashed ways. Like to the point where the following day it would happen and I’d be having to pick my jaw up off the ground.

I started having visions of certain tangible things or environments in waking state.
I felt more presence. I saw more signs. I felt more feelings.

It was honestly CRAZY- but I love it so much.

One of my intentions this year was to up level my intuition…. I guess you could say it’s working.

This is another thing I’m growing to love about me. I’m learning how to use this more and access the gift within me.
When I trust my intuition- unbelievable synchronicities take place. The more I believe in this and in myself the deeper I’m able to go. It’s part of me and I’m proud of it.

So that was a bit about my experience and how I learned to “surf” this past month.
We were in a lot of Pisces energy. We even had a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.
It was a time to go back, reflect,renew and reevaluate parts of our lives.

The tower energy was big. Things fell only to allow new things to be built.
We made it through.

Now that we’re into the Spring energy and Aries season is upon us, we are ready to take out all those little tiny weeds that are hindering our flowers to grow. Make the space for all the NEW coming into our lives.
We just did a massive clearing of internal and external work. Give yourself some serious love. You did it.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself for Aries season ?

What seeds did I plant (goals and dreams) at the beginning of the year?
Where can I water them to help them grow faster?
How can I have fun doing what I love ?
Where have I been playing small in my life and how do I shift that into a bigger and better version of me?
What are all your NEW ideas, outlooks, perspectives, and truths about the life you want to live? How can you do EXACTLY that?

See you next month!