The little things

“Be thankful for what you have and you’ll end up having enough. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.”
– Oprah Winfrey

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner LOVE is popping up everywhere. The little trinkets to buy for our loved ones, the silly cards that say “let’s AVO-CUDDLE”, or the self loving bath bombs and face masks being sold in beautiful pink and red displays.

I’m all for this. Trust me.
Your girl loves LOVE…. but I wanted to talk about a different feeling. One that actually has the power to fill your heart with so much love it literally has no other choice then to pour out onto others.

The first time I ever felt this feeling so immensely was after a year of overseas travel. I had just gotten back to my hometown a few days before this moment and was finally having time to process the last year of my life.
I sat in my sisters old room and dumped out my travel pouch with all my plane tickets, passport, different currency, other little nick nacks and a few too many shells.
I then opened up a part of my backpack that had letters, cards and postcards from people I’d met along the way.
I spread them all of this over my bed and I began to SOB CRY – YES LIKE KIM K.

I felt this overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart that I never fully experienced before. It took me on a journey that was so heart opening I couldn’t help but just be so happy and god damn proud of what I had just accomplished in my life.

I felt the last hugs of the people I met.
I saw their faces smiling at me.
I heard their last goodbyes.
And I remembered how much they helped to heal me along the way.
This was Gratitude.

We always hear about how we should write our gratitude lists and it’s become a bit of a buzz word. BUT I honestly can say incorporating 5 things I’m grateful for everyday has allowed me to get through some pretty dark times and really good ones. It lifts me up (sometimes just a little bit) and makes me realise how good I actually have it.

It can be so tough some days. Sometimes it’s like what I imagine pulling teeth to be like. Because I just want to be grumpy.
But give me a journal and a pen and if I write down 1 for that day – then hey 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

SO INSTEAD of talking about LOVE exactly. I thought what a better way then to write a list of those little things we all enjoy in life that bring us joy and full our hearts with gratitude.

1. A full tank of gas, windows down on a summer day (insert music choice here- mines country)
2. Cleaning out your ears after getting out of the shower.
3. A HOT shower after a massive workout when your shivering because you saw/ felt what your body was made of.
4. A shower after a long plane ride!
5. Seeing people smile/ laugh at their phone screens.
6. THE BIGGEST BELLY LAUGH from literally anyone.
7. Getting into your nice clean sheets after a long day- rubbing your legs together and feeling so cozy.
8. First sip of coffee in the morning.
9. Hearing a song that brings you right back to a memory- remembering every detail.
10. Crossing the finish line of a race.
11. Getting to the top of the mountain and seeing the beautiful view.
12. Hearing from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.
13. Good morning texts ☺️
14. Thunderstorms from bed or a garage on a hot summers day. (clearly an Ontario girl)
15. Sleeping in the woods.
16. The cracking and warmth of a campfire.
17. When you wake up and hear your mom say- “ it’s a snow day go back to sleep.”
18. Christmas morning.
19. Birthday messages.
20. A big stretch.
21. Waking up without an alarm.
22. Watching the sunset/sunrise.
23. Getting a glimpse of the moon on a clear night.
24. When your favourite song comes on at the bar, in the car, at home WHEREVER.

These are only a few that came to mind, however I’m sure there’s a ton more that are shared equally between us all and some that our unique to us individually.

However you choose to spend this day of love, try and allow yourself to feel the emotions deeply within you. They serve a purpose greater than what we know and allow us to go places we never thought possible. It brings us connection and rids us from negativity. Gratitude for these moments will set you free.

Love & Gratitude,