Feminine & Masculine

The yin/yang of life.

We all have these energy’s in us and recently I’ve been seriously noticing how much more enhanced my life is when I incorporate both into my every day routines. The balance between the two is pure magic, it’s bliss and it’s the ultimate sweet spot.

We can see the rise of the balance of this all around us. When I actually started to think about this … It’s becoming more and more acceptable and encouraged in society- and man that’s friggan amazing.

Woman who are embracing their masculine energy- fighting for rights to be seen as equal and worthy. While men are learning how to support woman emotionally through this process taping into their feminine and learning how to embrace and accept their emotions.

Men are being encouraged to be vulnerable.
The balance of energies is becoming the “new normal”.

We as a collective are being encouraged to be vulnerable with one another- but in a way that the two energies are complimentary. We are learning to accept each other’s past, feelings, struggles and how to support one another on our journeys. We are learning how to listen and support through a lens of understanding and compassion.

Lately I’ve been seeing the signs and feeling the vibes of this being a dominant theme in my life. My masculine side wants to go, go, go and get shit done like yesterday. It makes me wanna smash all my goals right now, go hard at the gym and all fitness classes and gives me the strength to be independent and go after my dreams. My feminine wants to go slow, surrender and let go and just flow with life. It makes me want to do more yoga, incorporate slower moving activities, makes me look inward at all the wounds that I’m carrying inside and feel them deeply. She gives me this beautiful sense of hope for love I’ve never experienced before.

Personally I find it so attractive when men are standing in their power of masculinity and also being vulnerable. It’s courageous. It makes me feel more connected to them. It makes the “gender” slip away and I see another human. The divide is less.

I find it inspiring when woman are both nurturing mamas and run business’s. It’s empowering to see woman fighting for equality while also showing their true emotions. I think of Oprah for example- she has used her masculine energy to manifest the greatness in her life. She’s used her feminine by listening and understanding people’s emotions. She uses both together in a way that is beautiful.

We all have these energies in us. You just have to find the way it works for you. No matter your gender – it doesn’t matter they are in you. Find your yin/yang and embrace the gifts they both bring to your life.

Find your flow
Let go
Be brave
Stand in your power
You are you.